Bioshock 2's Rapturious Sydney Harbour Media Event

OXCGN's Bioshock 2 interview discusses RPG elements in a shooter, motion sensing in games, and the importance of storytelling in Bioshock:

"With BioShock 2 just about to hit the shelves many excited gamers are straining at the bit to get their slimy little webbed hands on it as soon as possible and experience Rapture again.

Recently 2K Games Australia held a media event in Sydney to help local media groups understand a little more about the newest version of the oceanic world of The Cult of Rapture and, of course, BioShock 2.

They brought along Alex Vancomerbech, Level Designer, and Martin Slater, both from 2k Australia to discuss the game with interviewers over two days."

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BadCircuit3219d ago

I can't wait until Bioshock 2 comes out. I am looking forward to it.

The interview discusses some interesting points. A very good read in my opinion.

XboxOZ3603219d ago

Great game, excellent PR from 2K games here in Australia - yet again. These guys know how to push a game, that is for sure.

Immortal Kaim3219d ago

Even though I can't wait for Bioshock 2, I think I will wait until I have finished Mass Effect 2 first. Then I will go back to Rapture ;)

XboxOZ3603219d ago

I think that's probably the best approach, as with all the great games available, it would be almost impossible to give any game their just time in the sun to play them properly and experience what they ahve to offe.

Which is sadly what many gamers do not do these days. They play a game for a short time, then move on to the next, then most likely bag the games without having played them through or to their full capacities.

There's be no way to play both of those games seriously in less than a week each . . . and that would be doing them a dis-service, that's for sure.

Th enew Cult Of Rapture site is awesome, and Mass Effects 2, well heck, it's just brilliant.

gaminoz3219d ago

Well I think it's safe to say that the Bioshock studio won't be making Natal or PS3 motion sensing games from what they say!

I loved the first was so fresh. Still not sure about this one though with all the quality that is coming out now. It's almost as if the traditional Christmas season of top games has been extended.

GrathiusXR3218d ago

Really appreciated the guys for doing the interview as they were great to talk to oh yeah and Bioshock 2 looks pretty good as well :)

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