Everything you need to know about Mass Effect

Games Radar writes: Get ready for the massive sequel with our galactic cheat sheet

Though Mass Effect's interspecies lesbian sex scene will forever be emblazoned in the sensationalist headlines of 2007, the game was much more than sizzling blue vice. If you're new to the franchise, or just can't remember all the details about your snap decisions and their far-reaching consequences, this guide will bottom-line it for you. Our goal is not to be completist, but to make you conversant enough to enjoy the sequel. Up first are brief synopses of the races you encounter in Mass Effect, along with notable characters from each.

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Sanzee3223d ago

Unfortunately, I already know everything there is to know about Mass Effect :D

Omega Strain3223d ago

Right, you know everything about ME 2!!! Look everyone, we have a hero here, he knows everything about mass effect, can I have your autograph???

Anyway, the game is looking fantastic and I can't wait to grab this title.

IaMs123223d ago

Did he ever say anything about knowing everything about Mass Effect 2? Im pretty sure i can read that he said Mass Effect. In which case i know alot about Mass Effect not Mass Effect 2. Grow up man, and read.

FanboyAttack3223d ago

It's official we are on Mass Effect overload.

3223d ago