Hit Or Miss: Jan. 2010

Time after time again, big A-list games come out and flop horribly and maybe do good in a niche audience but to the gaming public are seen as a failure or a "bomb". We will analyze one game from every platform every month and give you our ideas on if it's a hit or a miss based on our impressions of the game and its competition. You leave your opinions and comments and tell us what your hits and misses are! It's a fun game we play no? Lets get started...

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Cajun Chicken3223d ago

This article has very poor taste.

I think all are hits really, at least if Heavy Rain actually pulls off what's it's been aiming for, seriously though, how the HECK can you discredit a sequel of No More Heroes?

Solidus187-SCMilk3223d ago

I kind of agree because I will be buying mass effect on Tuesday and will rent heavy rain because I want to see what its like. I may buy it later after playing it, but it doesnt come out till Feb. anyways. He should have used MAG since it actually is in JAn. If I had a wii Id atleast rent NMH2, it looks crazy.

Im sure there are plenty of people looking forward to all these games and I would get them all if I had a wii and extra money.

ShadyDevil3223d ago

I just feel that their are other heavy hitters that people are willing to try instead of No more Heroes and it kinda came out of nowhere, where as Tatsundo VS Capcom has been hyped alot and the lack of a SFIV on the WII will prolly push the sales of that one further than No More Heroes 2

Solidus187-SCMilk3223d ago

that NMH2 will be over shadowed by NSB and TvsC.

Agent Smith3223d ago

Heavy Rain comes out in February.

Myst3223d ago

Yeah I was wondering that to, be nice if it came out at the end of the month though :).

Unicron3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

So, the author hasn't played either Heavy Rain or Mass Effect 2... but is able to deem what is a hit and miss? I thought you were giving "your impressions," not basing a bullsh1t article on the pre-release impressions of others. Idiots.

Journalism folks. Gotta love it.

Kerrby3223d ago

Are you serious?

Heavy Rain is a miss even though you haven't played it and seem to know f*ck all about it?

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