Movie trailer parody pokes fun at Jersey Shore and Super Mario

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson pokes fun at the recently concluded season of Jersey Shore by adding some Nintendo flavor. Check out the late show host as Mario in this spoof trailer starring Mila Kunis and Nick Lachey.

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nogolis3222d ago

Producers like reality tv because they don't have to pay real acting scale and real writers scale. Think how cheap these morons get off. Who'd you wanna pay if you were a producer... A 7 million an episode George Cloony or a 5 grand an episode schmuck from Jearsy? Then you toss out the script and let these idiots adlib events you've laid out and you're getting off pretty damn cheap.

Reality TV is a joke... Like wrestling, UFC and Operation Repo.

SnuggleBandit3221d ago

if you guys have ever seen jersey shore, then you NEED to watch these two vids.

SuicidalTendencies3221d ago

I've never actually seen the show but I believe only one of the cast is actually from New Jersey. The rest of the schmucks are from New York and one from Rhode Island. I try and avoid anything that's on MTV personally.

MasterChief36243221d ago

There wasn't a lick of good humor in that entire video. I only laughed at the various cameos. Not at anything else.

It's astounding how unfunny that "parody" was.

Nihilism3221d ago

Saw this yesterday, maybe it would be more funny if I knew what the hell Jersey Shore was, but judging even from that parody, I'm glad I don't.