The Four Types of Mario Players

Kombo writes: Now that Mario's multiplayer, we're discovering what kind of Mario players our friends are.

With the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and its addition of four-player simultaneous multiplayer, suddenly Mario players of different types are interacting directly with each other in the game and on the couch, when before they would've stayed out of each other's way taking turns.

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rumplstilts3222d ago

I think im more of a speed/ pro kinda mario player

hatchimatchi3222d ago

i'm a mix of the first 3 but i don't get upset if other people keep dying cause it's too funny watching all 4 characters jump around on screen.

it usually goes something like this,

"No, no, no, no, wait for it.......JUMP!! ahhhh, she missed it!!" then everyone starts laughing.

Marceles3222d ago

I'm more of a speed player and then a completionist. I would be a control freak but I like killing my own teammates lol...blame it on the first Mario Bros with the POW and New Super Mario Bros versus mode on the DS :P. I think the closest I've ever been to being Mariocidical was SMB2: The Lost Levels, that game was fun as hell though.

wingman32x3222d ago

fun article. I'm the speed demon type. I always have the run button pushed down lol.

geoholyhart3222d ago

I'm admittedly a control freak with a little bit of speed in me. I don't mind people new to game sucking as long as they're willing to learn the tricks of the trade... You'd be surprised how many people rather stay sucking, then take a few tips though.

kingpunch3222d ago

my thumb lives on the b button

pcz3222d ago

I admit i play the game with a c0cky style, i try to be clever and run quickly over the tiny platforms jumping from one to the next. I also push my luck with groups of enemies, i will try to do a 'combo' on them instead of dealing with them one at a time.

I die numerous times, mostly unnecessarily but at least i am having fun. I know i could easily beat a level if i played it 'carefully' but it just makes it more exciting to play it crazy.

I do also jump into thin air a lot to try and find invisible/hidden items.

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