Crysis demo leaked?

Posted on nvnews forums.

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Diselage3809d ago

I'm holding off on downloading until more comes out about it, but i have the torrent file downloaded and waiting.

sak5003809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Not connecting to it says tracker offline :(

Was looking forward to trying it out. Wonder if its dx10 or dx 9 version.

Edit: torrent showing up at torrentspy and demonoid as well.

iceice1233809d ago

Really wish I had a better computer than an old HP. Game looks so great even in pre-alpha. Good luck to anyone trying.

Nicosia3809d ago

Seems to be fake. Go to the last page.

TriggerHappy3809d ago

getting my bittorent program ready. Anyone obtained the link yet ?

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