AppSpy: BoboBua Review

If you were a meatball who just watched your beloved (another meatball) be consumed in front of your eyes, what would you do? Why you'd launch yourself into the gullet of the person who ate them, bringing along your best friend who's a noodle and go on a quest to battle food through a digestive tract in order to save her. At least that's how the story goes for BoboBua by Tripod Games.

The gameplay has been self dubbed as an attempt at a purely casual, relaxing and rewarding experience. In order to complete levels you have to pluck a noodle at the bottom of the screen in order to flick Bobo the meatball at food items that slowly march down the screen. The goal of most levels is to survive long enough to escape your current location, though some can be ended early if you flick Bobo into the exit.

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