Capcom & Microsoft Partnership: Top 10 Wish List

Article on what Microsoft could have up their sleeves and weighs in on the possibility of it all.

"You all know by now that Capcom & Microsoft have partnered to reveal something on the 26th. All signs it pointing to a new game. These are my predictions on what it could be in no particular order. (Please Note The Following Are Predictions And Are No Way To Be Considered Confirmed).."

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ShadyDevil3220d ago

It could always end up being the failclusive rivaling the 30 day maps from CODMW2 lol

Sunny_D3220d ago

Natal game. (yawn)

Lost Planet 2 DLC! (yawn)

Lost planet 2 Natal support? YAWN!

THE MAX SPEED 213220d ago

PS3 fanboy commenting about a Microsoft game that has nothing to do with the console he owns ( YAWNNNNN)


qface643220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

i thought the list was a little dumb really just number 6 though
why would capcom sell the rights to devil may cry???

anyways after the last big capcom/microsft announcement im not holding my breath last time it was just that lost planet 2 reveal ill wait until i see what it is

The_Devil_Hunter3220d ago

If Capcom makes DMC5 exclusive, then get ready because someones going to get it. I had enough of with it going multiplat.

Bnet3433220d ago

It's Dino Crisis 4. Take a screenshot of me saying this. Good bye.

Chris3993220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

but it's not an "exclusive". It's an exclusive REVEAL. As in what they did with Lost Planet 2.

In the last article about this, the publisher played with the title (to get his "degrees" up, me thinks).

I fell for it too, till I read the actual source article. And I had my gitch all in a tiff for some exclusive Capcom RPG or hacknslash :(

Saaking3220d ago

DMC sells a lot in Japan, mostly on PS3. Capcom wouldn't be dumb enough to make it 360 exclusive. It's probably just a Natal game or something.

blu_yu_away3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I tend to agree especially since the site says "title premier for 360". Sounds like the Lost Planet 2 reveal to me. However, the prominent inclusion of Microsoft's name could hint towards something more. If it does prove to be an actual exclusive though I'm guessing it will be a Natal game since Capcom made such a big fuss and pledged to be multi-platform from here out.

Oh and Saaking, I don't know what you consider "selling a lot" but no DMC game has sold exceptionally well in Japan. That said, according to VGchartz DMC4 sold more worldwide on PS3 than 360. If this is true, then the articles claim that it performed better (if by performed better the author means saleswise) on 360 is false.

niceguywii603220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

You can leave LP2 out of this. LP2 was announced on the 360 because Capcom wasn't sure what other platforms LP2 would be on if any, at the time. Microsoft never said it was exclusive and Capcom said they where only focusing on the 360 version in April of last year. You can tell Capcom was waiting for Sony to pay up and there was so much demand and complaints Sony did a rush job deal right before E3 with Capcom.

That is why the E3 PS3 announcement and hype was so twisted and off/low key. LP2 was delayed because Capcom promised same day release at E3 trying to cover their tracks because of the desperate Sony deal Capcom made with Sony at the last minute before last year's E3.

This news is probably related to some sort of partnership based on some sort of Intellectual Property/Technology and no I'm not talking about DLC or a new game IP. I'm thinking a possible Microsoft owned 1st party branch of Capcom.

Skip_Bayless3220d ago

Microsoft is late to the party again. Capcom this generation has not made a game that deserves more than a 8.5. Capcom isn't what they use to be.

SilentNegotiator3219d ago

I hope it's a new IP.

Oh, and I'm obligated to utter this: "YAWN"

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N4PS3G3220d ago

It could always end up with you guys crying a little more and getting nothing ;)

ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago

We don't need a repeat of your 2009 lineup, thanks.

LeonSKennedy4Life3220d ago

If Devil May Cry 5 went exclusive...

...I'd buy a 360.

Not lying. Hold me to it.

Ace_2353220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

me too DMC is one of my fav series thats y i got bayonetta day1 lol

Sunny_D3220d ago

If it's anything boring like DMC4, then they can keep it.

Ace_2353220d ago

DMC4 wasn't boring but it wasn't as good as DMC3 plus I hate Nero and i hope he dies lol. but the Dante parts were good.

qface643220d ago

a part of me didn't like devil may cry 4 because i just couldn't stand nero the game itself was ok though

ThanatosDMC3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

It better be a great DMC5 not a crappy DMC4. Dante's combat was great just the story and Nero ruined it. That whiny little man child kept crying. Vergil better come back and behead Nero for touching his Yamato.

But if it's Steel Battalion 2 with better everything. I'm sold for another gigantic controller!

Anyway, cant wait for Kingdom Underfire 2!!!

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