A review of Darksiders . . . Is it more than a God of War clone? (The Goozex Report)

The Goozex Report asks is Darksiders worth your gaming dollars with the upcoming releases of God of War III and Dante's Inferno? Writer Erik Kubik seems to think so. Darksiders is a unique combination of gaming elements borrowed from several games, including one unexpected classic title.

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unrealgamer583249d ago

yes, I believe this game (from what i played) has the opportunity to stand on it's own to become a good trilogy(please don't correct me, Because I haven't finished the game and would like to see if the ending is left open for a sequel.)

But bayonetta imo sucked ass.

WildArmed3249d ago

I agree. I actually find the game quite refreshing with pretty nice gameplay elements from all over the place.

Ofc, Dante's inferno should have the title of 'is it more than a GoW clone?'

Bcoz I thought DS was pretty original for the most part (meaning it's not exactly a clone of a game.. kinda like uncharted 2, taking gameplay aspects from alot of games and putting it into one awesome game)

I havnt played Bayo yet, cldn't push my self to rent the gmae after playing the demo.
The b/g music is just horrible

FangBlade3249d ago

Yes, its Zelda clone too lol

Nitrowolf23249d ago

i didn't like bayonneta at all, idk what the media is thinking with it, i rented darksider and i'm hooked to it, bayonneta just something about the game bugs me, not that the character a girl, it just didn't feel right

kube003249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I think I'll purchase Dante's Inferno, it will be interesting to see how it does against GOW III. I was mildly impressed by the Bayonetta Demo. Darksiders is an interesting game, even if its short

JudoChinX3249d ago

Sometimes derivative can be awesome. I think this game is a perfect example of that.

JimmyJames703249d ago

I've never played either God of War or Zelda... so it's a moot question. Moot. I like that word. Moot.

3249d ago