MAG Raven,S.V.E.R and Valor PMC Introduction Videos

GamingSpotlight writes:

Forgot to take footage of this so thought i'd post it now.

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Sevir043222d ago

EPIC EPIC EPIC!!! RAVEN AND VALOR, WATCH IT. I cant wait to join the shadow war, I cant wait to own contracts and such. It's gonna be the shiz ranking up. all that practice i did in the open beta 5 and the mag tourney will certainly pay off.

the N4G MAG CLAN opens Officially when on the 26th at Midnight.

Team oriented tactical shooters with Mics Need apply here. ^^ enlist in SVER today.. and all the other Factions of the Shadow War and show the rest of the FPS community we support Games like this that pinoneer the FPS online gaming space on consoles.

Emmettcelticfan3222d ago

A bubble for you for your rallying speech.
Watch your heads out there i'll be aiming for it

InFAMOUS13222d ago

I cant wait to see how the switching of factions goes, and how the system will work to get players back.. Tuesday can not come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!

OGharryjoysticks3222d ago

Hope you guys liked the respawn screen because that's all your gonna see with that one eye left...and I bet you all give up on the game after a few days because I won't let you get far before I kill you again after you respawn.


StanRaimondi3222d ago

all ready preorderd just waiting for monday night to pick it up cant wait to bust some heads VALOR ALL DAY AN ALL NIGHT

deadpool193222d ago

Well it is a pretty epic game

ironmonkey3222d ago

imma straight run and gun! so fast i look like your shadow