appVersity: Red Bull Racing Challenge Review

appVersity writes: "Grand Prix Racers are lost on me. The exhilaration of taking left turn after left turn just never appealed to me, and sadly Red Bull Challenge Racing does nothing to change my opinion. However, fans of these kind of racers might have something to be excited about in Artificial Life's newest app.

It gets you behind the wheel of the grand prix-winning RB5 to taste the thrill, the speed, and excitement of the world's premiere motorsport series. Join the Red Bull Racing team to take on some of the world's greatest racing circuits; you can also challenge a friend, compete in multiplayer mode, or race against the clock in the Time Attack mode to rule the online leaderboards."

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RedDragan3221d ago

as soon as the quote "left turn after left turn" was read.

Grand Prix is not about left turns, that's NASCAR. The reporter never gave Grand Prix a chance obviously, in games or on TV.