Are you addicted to achievement hunting?

GB writes: "I'd owned my Xbox for well over a year before I understood the appeal of achievements and it wasn't long before all the games I'd already completed were dusted off and replayed religiously to boost my gamerscore. Now, I'm a shell of a man – replaying the same section of game over and over until that familiar chime and the little achievement icon pops onto my screen."

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buckethead_9113219d ago

I've been an addict since 2006. :(

OmarJA--N4G3219d ago

i LOVE my 360...and every single exclusive of this console...and i love miy achievements, it's GOD compare to lack trophies of POS3rd :)

Blow Out Your Brains3219d ago

This is a phenomena with kids, I don't need incentive to replay a great game for some absurd "Achievement."