Nascar 08 Gameply Videos

IGN has posted some in-game videos of Nascar 08. Nascar 08 is set to start racing July 23rd.

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Diselage3775d ago

These videos are looking pretty tight, with all the other racers this summer though i really can't see myself picking it up

Skizelli3775d ago

It does look good. I was a big fan of Nascar Thunder, so I'm glad to see Nascar coming to next-gen finally.

MaximusPrime3775d ago

strange thing about this game, is that you go round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round the track with no ends in sight. I can't see any enjoyment in this game.

Btw : i'm impressed with the graphic and the car's feel.

esemce3775d ago

Simple as that, goodnight.

Diselage3775d ago

It looks better than Forza 2

level 3603775d ago

This simply is the most boring and idiotic motorsport whether it be real or in virtual format. Definitely one of America's worst ever thought about form of entertainment. This race is all about waiting who gets to crash ( on the barriers or on their opponents ) first, not about circling a thousand wasteful times just to finish. Truly pathetic, but the thing is America is still watching this hideous monstrosity ( probably - mostly for being patriotic to their own brand of vehicles, which about sums it all up ).

xg-ei8ht3774d ago

Yeah round and round and round and round and round(stops due to be dizzy) and round and round and round and round.

On a side note.

Forza 2 looks crap.

PGR4 pisses all over it. Although PGR3 does that anyway.

And GT-HD- Destroys them all! as you all well know!