Heavy Rain offers 'completely different experiences' - Sony

Publisher tells CVG that no two play-throughs are the same

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kingdavid3220d ago

my 2nd most hyped game. After Mass effect.

Seriously cannot wait for either.

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thereapersson3220d ago

I hear that even when a character dies in the game, it's not game over. The story continues accordingly, and you end up with a different ending.

I've been looking forward to a game for a long time where storytelling and cinematic presentation are front and center. Too much focus on multiplayer and short single-player campaigns in games these days have left me somewhat frustrated -- and slightly jaded to boot.

I think that Heavy Rain will fit the bill quite nicely. That's just my take on the matter, though.

Saaking3220d ago

It's not for the immature people that populate CoD and Halo. It's for the more mature gaming audience that seeks something different. Something unique.

sikbeta3220d ago

This Game is Must Buy no matter what, I'll try to convince every person about buying this game cuz Quality Games deserve all the support possible...

zeeshan3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

The game looks amazing! Must buy for me! I think Sony should make another commercial for it like they did for Uncharted. "Dear Playstation, my wife won't stop seeing me play Heavy Rain. She thinks it's a movie" 'cuz it actually DOES look like a movie that you could play. I hope the ending is awesome and leaves room for a sequel (I am thinking wayyyy ahead I know!)

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Daver3220d ago

Sure its gonna be different, its gonne be awesome!

tulholdren3220d ago

Another one why must my wallet pay nnnnooooo

Immortal3213220d ago

what game you know continues after death with a different story?

Only on the playstation

Immortal3213220d ago

lets get real fanboyX, you guys will not admit that it is only possible on Playstation because you might of heard rumors that it can and a bunch of pc geeks tech talk.

tell me this fanboyX, have you ever seen in gameplay on your console a game like, Resistance2? you know, thousands of all in your face type enemies while the game runs smoothly?(flow)

I didn't think so

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The story is too old to be commented.