Insomniac working on next PS3 Exclusive

CC writes: We've found a job listing from Insomniac Games which reveals that the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developers are working on their next title, and as expected, it's a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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mjolliffe3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Resistance 3 I would think. Don't think they'll release on another R&C title for 2-3 years.

Make this Resistance better than the last please Insomniac! :D

SpaceSquirrel3222d ago

I fully expect Resistance 3 for the fall of 2010.

presto7173222d ago

Try to pull an Uncharted 2 with this one.

Echo3073222d ago

I will be shocked if they don't officially announce Resistance 3 at E3.

I too expect a fall release for this one, unless things get a bit crowded again.

Commander TK3222d ago

Uhh... No... Why would they make a mediocre online game like Uncharted 2?

jay23222d ago

R&C....... Will be next year unless their working on a new IP.

PixlSheX3222d ago

Perhaps, a mediocre online game like uncharted 2 will prevent you from playing it. And they don't really care about you.

sniper-squeak3222d ago

E3 2010 will be massive :D so many great games to look forward to for the PlayStation Three.

Resistance 3
[Motorstorm 3 (to look like E3 2005 trailer?)]
The Last Guardian
Gran Turismo 5
ModNation Racers
L.A Noire
[Uncharted 3]
[Killzone 3]
Titles like "Eight Days" and "The Getaway"
New IP?

mugoldeneagle033222d ago

I thought Resistance 2 was no where near as good as FOM. It wasn't bad by any means, but there was just a lot of things Insomniac could've done better IMO (except for the co-op). However, every issue I had with the game is easily fixable.

That said, Resistance 3 could be epic. Only problem is I don't really know how the hell it would start off with the ending of R2!

So yeah, give us Resistance 3 and make it the bad ass FPS experience it has potential to be, and then move on to new IP's.

Jamegohanssj53222d ago

I honestly don't want Resistance 3 yet. Let's wait to have that next year. I want something new. That one Zelda like game that was rumoured.


baum3222d ago

I don't want any more Ratchet games, I wan't Resistance and I want new IP. In fact, I rather insomniac make their own Fable/Zelda-esque action/adventure RPG.

Gangster_mo3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

[email protected] u missed out FF Versus, Driver 5, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal and Hitman V... ;)

OGharryjoysticks3222d ago

I agree. FOM was a lot better. FOM felt like a Mature game with a serious tone, while part 2 went popcorn big budget Hollywood cheeseball Sci-fi. If part 2 didn't have the gore it probably could have been a Teen rated game. Hopefully part 3 goes back to the dark, slower, and somber tone set in the first game.

vhero3222d ago

Well they left R2 on a cliffhanger so R3 has to be made.

silverbeld3222d ago


I dont understand what you're saying. R2 is a awesome game! Its much better then the first one. Off course R3 will be better more. First day buy for me.

mugoldeneagle033222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Like I said, it wasn't bad, I just didn't think it was as good as the first. There are a few things off the top of my head that I can list, but I haven't played R1/R2 in a awhile so correct me if I'm wrong.

1) Like DirtyHarry said, the entire tone of the game was overhauled. I get that Insomniac did this to bring out the feel of the era (1950's America), but some sections seemed as if they were begging for edgy, darkness. FOM had this gritty feel to it where I felt completely engaged with every setting I was in. R2's graphics were great, it was more or less just the tone.

2) No weapon wheel

3) Campaign Split Screen

4) And the storyline felt like again, others have said, dumbed down. Like the sections where it'll say "shoot this with this" and there happens to be an RPG there or gun. It almost seemed as if the boss battles were easier than common enemies too, which was weird.

But like I said, nothing Insomniac can't fix. In fact a long while back I remember Garnett Lee, when with 1UP, saying he spoke to Insomniac and they were actually paying attention to what the fanbase was unhappy with and all that, which is good.

So yeah, R3 has TONS of potential. And I really think Insomniac will deliver.

EDIT: Silver I know you were asking mjolife the question, I just thought I'd answer since he and I agreed.

DaTruth3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

The Resistance team is probably working on R3 and will have it ready for fall(or February because this year they might push Resistance back for Killzone 3). This is probably the Ratchet team, who are working on a new IP, because they can't push out another Ratchet game(3 in 3 yrs).

Edit: I agree with MuGoldenEagle as do many! R1 was just a better single player experience than R2. They took to much from generic shooters in R2 because the biased reviewers(especially in 2007) ripped them a new one in reviews!

raztad3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Probably this project is a NEW IP. R&C story arc is done so I wouldnt expect a new one on the PS3.

Regarding Resistance. I played R:FoM a few months ago, past the extremely aged visuals, I had a lot of fun with the game (the weapons are really awesome) and the story is very good. Still fresh from R1 I decided to try R2. Much better game overall, the only major flaw is the removal of the weapon wheel. I really hated the conventional (and over used) two weapons at a time rule on R2. Besides the SP campaign, the R2 coop is awesome, still playing it.

R3 will be one of the few games I'll be getting day one this year. Hope Insomniac can improve the visuals (KZ2 quality perhaps?) and get the weapon wheel back.

SilentNegotiator3222d ago

A bit more like 1 than 2.
Although there WERE some good ideas from the second.

PS3Freak3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Am i the only one who thought Resistance 2 was a great game? I may not be alone on that one, but most people will deffinetly disagree with this: I'm glad they took out the weapon wheel.

1) The weapon wheel was annoying to cycles through everything
2) You didn't have ammo for half the guns so why have them all

I say Resistance 2 was better than the first(aside from the fact that there was no 2 player for the story, but the Co op made up for that IMO)

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

well you are going to be very disappointed. look at sonys track record. they do not release a game right after announcing it which they havent even done that yet. if you guys really want them to pull an uncharted 2 with there next trilogy u wouldnt want it to come out in fall. i know you want the game in fall but just think logically for a second here. its highly likely there still in the early stages of development maybe sony will announce it in june at e3. and if you look back to to previous e3 game announcements does the game ever come out the same year no. so were looking at either spring 2011 or fall 2011. i believe thats fine im not one to say sonys game development takes to long cuz i know that the reason is cuz they have so much to work with and they can keep making it better and better as time passes unlike naughty dog, insomniac hasnt made the ps3's its b*tch yet so its gunna take alittle longer for them to make a uncharted 2 like resistance game.

i know your trying to be positive but you really should know how things work by now. sonys release dates are pretty predictable right now. and its usually later then earlier and thats a good thing.

Saaking3222d ago

I want the weapon wheel, health packs, and Main story co-op back for R3.

Palodios3222d ago


You don't know what you're talking about. Sony has nothing to do with Insomniac except for handing them money. Insomniac has two teams working on its games. They've been releasing a new game every year on the ps3 for 4 years, so why would they stop now, when they have a good grasp on the technology? They announced R2 at E3 2008, and R2 came out fall 2008, same year.

2006 2008 2010. Seems reasonable yes?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

1. has insomniac actually announced resistance 3?
comin from this ad for a job they havent even started. never heard of hire construction workers after the house is already built and u cant prove its cuz someone quit or they need another person or something.
2. when in the history of gaming where a developer especially sony exclusive just come out of the blue and say hey you know that resistance 3 game you wanted yeah its comin out in three monthes lol.
use your brain man.
announcing a game then releasing it 3 monthes later really is far fetched how will the game generate hype in that amount of type it doesnt matter that sony has nothing to do with insomniac developers in general dont announce and then release a game right away. its not smart so maybe you dont know what your talking about. cuz last time i checked evrything in the entertainment bussiness is announced a year or so before it actually comes out so it can get hyped up. whether its movies, new windows os, new iphone, new sony ericson, new led tv by samsung, new console, new exclusive, new 3rd party. and so on get my drift buddy. dont be so narrow minded and let ur wants and whims bend reality to what you want it to be cuz life will eat you alive....every game for any console comes out a minimum of year later. thats if your lucky and it doesnt get delayed. i could name you 100 games that are announced and never come out the same year.....check mate buddy you shoulda just not commented and took the truth like a man but im guessing ur still a boy so i guess thats ridiculously for me to expect.

Cryos3222d ago

I think you're burying ur head Canadian. While true that most developers announce games a year or more ahead of when they are released, you need to realize that Insomniac is NOT most developers. They consistantly release a game every fall. You've been given examples about Insomniac announcing and releasing games in the same year. here's another

The fact is, Insomniac has 2 teams working right now. One of those teams is on R3 which they've been working on since R2 came out. The other is/was for R&C. Now, this job opening could be for either team, but it doesn't mean that there won't be another Insomniac game for a year or more.

MEsoJD3222d ago

Resistance with Killzone Engine???

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

so im going to just going cash in my chips and no when to stop cuz if i talk to you anymore ur stupidty might rub off on me....when insomniac doesnt come out with resistance 3 this year think of me and tell ur self i told you so cuz i really dont care enough to say it.....and if they do release it and it sucks balls and doesnt hold a candle to killzone 2 or uncharted 2 then im still right......have a good 1 hope ur resistance sheets and comforter set keeps you warm at night and assures you that the new resistance game will be out in fall, which by the way doesnt even have any game play footage or info on what new game features R3 will consist of. but if u say insomniac is different then i guess everyone has to take your word for it. cuz you work for insomniac right???? or are you close friends with hip hop gamer the 2nd one would make alot more sence and atleast u would not be the only won that got duked into believing his lies.

you actually believe after releasing resistance 2 they started on 3 right away wow you arent to smart are you lol.....i wouldnt want to work for you as an employee u obviously dont know what a break is called lol haha

ur using ratchet and clank as an example u do know one bought that game right. not saying its not a good game never played it but im sure insomniac isnt happy with the sales so maybe maybe they cant pull off the releasing a game every year. call of duty can......whatever tho im out shame on you for not wanting resistance 3 to have killzone 2 engine cuz if it comes out in fall it wont even come close but whatever makes u do u really think insomniac are going to try to compete with halo reach lol i didnt think of that before that alone debunks ur bs.......i dont like halo so get that straight.... but we all know no one except maybe a mw3 surprise release would stand up against halo sales and we all know game developers appreciate sales...... now i can officially say check mate.....sorry to be the devils advocate guys im just just stating the 100% neutral on this cuz i dont hate resistance and i dont love it.

BattleAxe3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I'm not sure what to expect with R3. R:FoM was a good game, but I was dissapointed that Insomniac didn't do a trophy patch for it. R2 wasn't the best game I ever played, and not even 8 months after it came out, there was hardly anyone playing ranked matches.

I agree they need to go back to the style of the first Resistance, but I think they should use the Killzone 2 game engine and make it more of a realistic style of game. Could you imagine what the Chimera would be like using the Killzone 2 engine....

Resistance is a tough thing for me, because I love the concept, but the cartoony style, R2's uninspired single player campaign and the amount of shots it takes to kill someone in online competative modes (unless you have a hedgehog grenade) realy turns me off of this series. I got rid of the first 2 games, but I would buy them again if they came out with a trilogy pack and updated the first game with trophy support.

Bloodraid3222d ago

I seriously wonder how they're going to continue the Resistance series, seeing as how the second one ended. If we do end up playing as Capelli (As early rumors suggested), I'm going to be rather upset.

mastiffchild3221d ago

I am Canadian. Well, for starters Insomniac are very happy with their fastest selling R&C ever, I believe, as ACiT is still selling OK and was NEVER going to sell 10million now was it. They said it was their fastest selling gamew and are ahead of their hopes for it's lifetime sales too if it carries on like TOD did.

Secondly, people expect something from Insomniac THIS year for two reasons:1, PS3 has had a game EVERY year on PS3 from them when they only had the two teamsR:FoM, R&CTOD, R2(and Q4B) and last year ACiT making what I say undeniably true. So even with just those teams you'd expect another if they work at the same rate, no?2, They don't have just the two teams now as they opened new studio(mooted to be the home of their supposed action/RPG with Zelda touches)so wuouldn't that make another release this year more likely?

Sure, threy're hiring now BUT they hire all the time and isn't it as likely this is the Ratchet team hiring now they've just finished patching the gamne and will be moving onto another thing? Resistance3 might also not have been revealed,as a lot of semi known Sony games haven't(Starhawk, Ingognitos game, TMPS3 from Jaffe, SF5 etc), because there was simply too much to reveal last E3 with Wands AND TLHG and U2 and the other games we know to be on their way but only really account for the first half of this year(I'm assuming only one of TLG and Agent will make it and Sony need gamnes all year round that you cannot play anywhere else-the exclusive is Sony's business focus gamewise this generation to prepare a host of ongfoing IPs rather than waste cash on third party former exclusive nbattles with MS, no?

I don't, therefore, think it's unlikely we'll see another R3 when the turnaround was two years last time-and who aid it has to compete with anything on the 360 anyway? Let alone Reach when Halo(like Gt5) is a sales force because of where it arrived and what it delivered at that point in it's console makers first console cycle-CE and Xbox became very much inseperable (not knocking as CE is a great game and deserved success). Thing is it was such a success not because noone had done it before but more because of when it arrived and the features it brought to consoles-so success would have come anyway, mo, but not the massive success it has enjoyed because of serendipity. Whatever, I fail to imagine a way that a PS3 exclusive can ever, as a new IP sell those numbers these days-it doesn't happen often anywhere, does it? Amnd how would Resistance being the greatest game ever actually hurt Halo which doesn't copmpete directly and lives on another platform.

Personally, I don't feel knocking Insomniac is in any wau fair. They're a great developer and as talented, in my eyes, as any working today. What interests me, though, has been the way that they seem to have rushed games out both for Sony and for the fans since PS3 launched. Seriously, game a year and I know even the two core teams for Resistance and R&C cross pollenate which means they only used to have a full team for one year of a games development yet they had a gamne out for launch , a game every year and released R2 among the busy times to savew Sony releasing GG's KZ2 against Gears2 in the yes of the press! As a second party dev they're due a break and favour from Sony, imo, and I'd lioke to see them show doubters like yourself what they can do with a shooter like Resistance given the same time other devs use.

BTW, R&C games are amazingly good looking, great to play, full of collectables and skillpoints as well as trophies and always have a family friendly script with great gags and great acting. Resistance, as a series is great on story and pretty good on acting even thlough both games felt they were a little undercooked-the weapons(lke R&C) are among the best and most inventive around and a blast to use and the core shooting is actually a pretty similar feel TO Halo in my opinion even if you can dual weild! Anyway, my point is it's a series that, unlike R&C they cannot pull off every time as they aren't as familiar and rushed both titles for differing reasons.

Truly, though, I feel you'd be being daft to write off a developer with a lot of respect among their fellow games industry workers and they could priove you very wrong with the next Rsistance in terms of when it might come and it's quality-thlugh I'd like it to be taking a bt longer for this one to make it special.

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Agent Smith3222d ago

The results of my endeavors have satisfactorily harmonized with the forecast that I generated and acted upon in accordance to a detailed analysis of the situation at hand and the desired goals that were stated by key stakeholders and interested parties at the outset of the events that previously unfolded.

In other words: Just as planned.

frjoethesecond3222d ago

You should go into politics Smith.

PoSTedUP3222d ago

He would confuse the hell out of wall street journalists,,,

zeeshan3222d ago


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movements3222d ago

And it keeps on getting better for PS3..

Megaton3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Amazes me that there are actually people at this site dumb enough to defend and track that fool as a reliable insider news source. It's like people who believe in psychics. Forget the 9 things he got wrong, just remember the 1 he got right.

TheDudeAbides3222d ago

Exactly, they think HHG will be big in gaming journalism one day, and they will be his soldiers from day one. That's pathetic.