Fallout MMO Public Beta Launches In 2012

Today Interplay announced that "Project V13", their upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG based on the Fallout series, will utilize the engine created by Masthead Studios for their sci-fi MMO Earthrise. Shockingly enough, they also indicated when you can expect the game to arrive.

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thorstein3223d ago

I thought this was cancelled? WF|TEKfjsaildi

young juice3223d ago

i cant wait to play this post apocalyptic mmo in 2012.

a bubble for the first to get this lame joke

LtSkittles3223d ago

@Young,because that's when everybody thinks the world is going to end.

ikkeweer3223d ago

The whole world may participate.

EvilCackle3223d ago

Not cancelled. Just in the midst of a lawsuit which may cause it to not be a Fallout game. Also, it doesn't seem to be all that far along.

peowpeow3223d ago

Young Juice I see what you're really trying to do. You gave him a bubble, but everyone else will -bubble him for the so-fvcking-obvious response ;)

PinkUni3223d ago

they're actually making this???

about time, did they ever even have a multiplayer mode though??

now all we need is for pokemon to make a mmmo LOL

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Megaton3223d ago

Great, I'll mark it down on the calendar I buy in 2 years, thanks for the heads up.


tdrules3223d ago

Sweet hopefully before Diablo III

Bodster3223d ago

2012!?! I cant wait till then :( I wants it now...

Captain Tuttle3223d ago

Yeah right. 2012? Interplay is a joke now, a mere shadow of their greatness.

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The story is too old to be commented.