BioShock 2 DRM Reduced

Upon announcing BioShock 2's DRM earlier this week, 2K was hit with a wave of criticism from players. To nip the nerd-rage in the bud, they've decided to loosen the game's copy protections.

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Pandamobile3220d ago

Well that seems a little more reasonable.

OpenGL3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

What I don't understand is why they even feel the need to include SecuRom on the Steam version. Steam on its own acts as a form of DRM, one that is more secure and less invasive than SecuRom. Also, why aren't they using Steamworks instead of Windows Live?

bruddahmanmatt3220d ago

I understand the basic reasoning behind activation limits but to me, if you buy a game, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want with it. There will always be pirated copies of games, hacks, mods etc... IMO DRM actually contributes to a game being pirated even more by pissing people off. In the digital age, there really is no surefire way around bootleg copies.

TheDudeAbides3220d ago

So PC gamers are now officialy nerds

evrfighter3220d ago

its funny...I hadn't heard any nerd rage until I played mw2 on the 360.

Nihilism3220d ago

No it doesn't, they could have easily released a patch to remove the DRM like Farcry 2 did, you don't have to activate it at all, you just install patch 1.3 after install and you don't need to verify, with Bioshock to, you have to suck the MS c*** and the install limits are non revokable, so you will inevitably have to ring them and plead with them to let you install your own game, how is that more reasonable, GFWL is a god damn joke, MS must have payed them to include it.

Misleading title, this is what the DRM has always been for bioshock 2, the 5 install limit was a misprint on steam also, the SecuROM was only ever a disk check this time ( same as Dragon Age, and the same as Fallout 3 )

The big issue people, sorry....people who knew what they were talking about, and people that actually went to 2K and asked...was the GFWL activation, which is the same.

Nothing has been reduced, they simply changes DRM activation for GFWL activation, and securom sucks, but i'd take that over having to use that POS GFWL to activate my game anyway

namyrb3220d ago

I believe they used GFWL to enable Xbox360-PC crossplatform multiplayer.

Proxy3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I still wonder if companies plan to announce strick DRM and then lessen it to what was originally planned later in hopes of appeasing customers.

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tdrules3220d ago


I forgot unless its on console its nerdy...

EvilCackle3220d ago

Oh, there's plenty of console nerd-rage too. Ex: "Two discs?!"

MK_Red3220d ago

I still think these whole new copy protection systems are just annoying the legit buyers and aren't thing a thing against pirates. Those that play illegal and pirated games are rather techy people who have learned how to surpass any kind of protection lock or program and system while the real and legit customers are the ones that have to deal with problems of something like DRM.

Dark_Vendetta3220d ago

Well the developers did make a comment about the protection of the first game, and how they were glad it took the pirates that "long" to crack it, as the first days are the most important for sales. So I guess the protection payed of for them.
But I agree that the legit customers are the ones who get fu'ked by such a protection

steve30x3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

The Legit customers have a choice to download the crack for theyre game also if they run out of activations. Thats whet I do all the time. If there is no activation limit then I dont download the crack. The crack is usualy created for the people who dont want to be limited with the DRM that comes with a game not for the game to be Pirated but the crack contributes to the games Piracy.

JudoChinX3220d ago

Publishers need to stop punishing players for purchasing their games. If you make a good product, more people will be compelled to purchase it. If you weigh it down with DRM, people will be more prone to pirate it. Look at games like Oblivion. That didn't even have a key to enter in. Guess what? I still bought it.

That being said this is definitely a step in the right direction.

SaiyanFury3219d ago

I also bought Oblivion. Great game for a great price. And no DRM, just a disc check.

ATi_Elite3219d ago

The more Drm and Securom and install limits you place on PC games, the more people are tempted to just get a "Gifted Version" and not have to deal with Micro$suck and their DRM.

I buy a game and I'm going to install and uninstall it as much as I want without having to sit on the phone with Micro$uck and beg them to let me instal it one more time.

PC gamers un/install games so much.. conserve HDD space, new Hardware, multiple rigs. so this is a big inconvenience to us.

Your not stopping Piracy because hackers hack for the trill of something being UNHACKABLE.

All this DRM crap just makes consumers not want to deal with the hassle so they avoid it. Your only discouraging consumers from buying your games.

Just make a high quality product and it will sell very well

We still hate you for that STARFORCE bullcrap

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