Bungie Weekly Update: 01/22/10

Bungie writes:

"Monumental news this week, our relaxation crash, which you may have seen via one of our, lo-fi studio tours, and which was formerly outfitted with a multitude of multi-colored beanbags, is now adorned with a proper couch and matching leather accent chair. It's positively swank. I caught Richenburg exploring the space and he says it's much better now, because he can do "this." That being sitting in the upright position.

So while it made for a suitably nap-friendly quadrant of our workspace before – as evident by the rare sighting of grown men splayed out on their backs, eyes closed, snoring away their lunch breaks – it's now become somewhat more useful as a proper workspace. Or maybe even a cozy little reading nook. You might imagine men ensconced in thick, velvet robes de chamber, stoking aromatic pipes while thoughtfully peruse finely wrought literature.

Say perhaps, February issues of Game Informer or Edge Magazine."

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