Possible Apple Tablet Footage Leaked

STP writes: In what is either a massive leak or a very good fake, a video apparently showing Apple's tablet computer in action has hit the web. The video, from Netherlands video sharing site, shows a kitchen being designed using an IKEA interface that lets you swap out items, change color with a tap, and shake to randomize results.

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Viewtiful3220d ago

Aw snap! The beast is real! Not that anyone doubted it at this point, but I'm really looking forward to a tablet brought out by Apple. There have been oodles of others, but none with the chic sex appeal of Apple to really make it mainstream.

Nihilism3220d ago

haha, that says so much for apple customers, that they only care about it's marketability rather than it's power or functionality

deadreckoning6663220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I just checked on youtube and this vids over a month old. Even if it is a hoax, thats one if the best I've seen. The thing itself is sexy as hell, but whos its audience? Why would someone use it to replace a laptop?

kaveti66163220d ago

Well, maybe he's not going for performance. Some people want the expensive Bentley when they can have a car that's way more powerful and roomier and more functional in every way. The point is, some people just want something pretty, and Apple has extended that reasoning to electronics, and they cater to people who like sleek electronics that do just enough.

I used to hate Apple, too, for that very reason, but hey, their products speak for themselves now.

Pargon3220d ago

There's nothing about this video that immediate screams "hoax," but there are always people who will go to great lengths to commit hoaxes. But this looks pretty realistic.

chrisulloa3220d ago

Article says it's a 6 week old Youtube video that's fake.

1800GETOWNED3220d ago

if it is a fake that is one badass tablet. i wish i had that to show off.

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The story is too old to be commented.