Destructoid: PS3 Torne recorder video makes me jealous

Dale North says, "Japan's Sony Torne digital video recording add-on for the PS3 sounded amazing on paper, but after watching this very slick promotional video for the device, I'm feeling insanely jealous. Why? This thing is crazy cool, and it makes my current HD cable service look terrible. Watch on as they zip through program listings with the DualShock3's analog sticks to select shows to watch and record. Searching by keywords and sorting through crap to find what you want looks so easy. Click to schedule and the show will be recorded to your HDD in beautiful high-definition.

The second half of the video shows how you can dump shows to an external drive. And recording while you're gaming? Damn. Finally, dumping shows directly to your PSP to watch on the go, or broadcasting via LAN to other rooms in your house sounds very handy.

You can't see, but I just spit on my cable box."

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Raf1k13221d ago

The promotional video is obviously going to show it working perfectly but this thing seem great.

I hope it comes to the west some time.

STK0263220d ago

I'd love it, but I expect it to go the PSX way, and never make it out of Japan. But hey, since this is an add-on and not a converted console, maybe we'll be lucky this time.

FamilyGuy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

They really DO want to replace the living rooms cable box as the media center of your entertainment/living room.

What's 10,000 yen in US money?
oh, $111

thereapersson3220d ago

And I have to say F*CK the cable companies in this country. We are so far behind the times, it makes me sick.

I'd get rid of my cable altogether if it wasn't for my HDTV needing HD programming. I don't even watch the lower channels unless there's really something worthwhile on.

GVON3220d ago

It already does as John_Dylan says below Play TV has been out for well over a year with all these functions.

St03220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Yeah, I've had playTV for a while now and it's basically just the same as Torne

zag3220d ago

It's been out in the UK (June) and Australia (november) for a while now.

I've demoed it at a shop, looks great and seems pretty snappy as well.

You need free to air digital broadcasting.

heroicjanitor3220d ago

But does playtv record gameplay? That would make me and everyone I know go get it

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Ravage273220d ago

very impressive interface and that is one slick presentation :)

cougardychen3220d ago

hi there can anyone tell me how this is any different from the PS3 play TV addon we get in the UK ?? it does all the same things as far as i can see

PotNoodle3220d ago

PlayTV does do HD in most European country's apart from the UK since it uses a different standard here.

Ju3220d ago

PlayTV doesn't do external USB harddrives.

BX813220d ago

I haven't had cable for 3yrs because the only things I watch are the history channel and Spike but I would def. by this if it came to the US.

sashimi3220d ago

Why o why is this so awesome yet i am unable to use it :(

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The story is too old to be commented.