Will Crysis 2 Be Able To Render New York City Like This?

Kotaku: The recently revealed New York City setting for Crysis 2 was met with just a touch of disappointment. "What of the open environments?!" commenters cried. Well, if Crysis 2 uses this tech, I don't think openness will be an issue.

Reader Jay tipped us off to this "Structure Procedural System" tech demo, which can generate building interiors dynamically, without overtaxing the memory of, say, the non-upgradeable consoles that Crysis 2 is coming to. And since this system was developed by Crytek programmer Marco Corbetta and 3D modeler Miragoli Gianluca-who doesn't work at Crytek to the best of our knowledge-it's not out of the question.

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kaveti66163221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

That's not very impressive. The level of destruction is primitive. Crysis 2 may not have every building open for exploration, but if it needs to look as crappy as the city in that video to do it, then I'm okay with not being able to enter every building.

We are quite a ways off from being able to render large cities with highly complex physical interactions available for every building and every structure. Like the site says, it's not just a hardware limitation, it is a time limitation. You would have to have a very large team of people working their asses off to create such an immersive experience, and at the end of that production, one wonders whether their effort will pay off. How long will people play such a game?

mrv3213221d ago

I'd rather enter every building+frostbite.

Just imagine the fun online if basically games last for days as slowly the city gets wrecked.

YoungKiller253220d ago

and i think this is a brilliant idea, and with the right support from the developers, if the make the open world tie in with missions and such this could work really well and give Crysis 2 that WOW factor along with the amazing graphics they are known for.

Agent VX3220d ago

Crysis 1 looks better than anything on the consoles right now, and that game is over 3 years old.

Crysis 2 from this horrible video blows anything the PS3 and 360 has to offer right out of the water.

I will miss the jungle, but from high quality streams, this game makes the PS3 and 360 look like kiddies toys.

Can't wait for this game.

AKNAA3220d ago

I'm impressed. smooth frame rate, nice graphics, destructible, free roaming, fully unlockable door environments! Very Nice.
But Omg man, that machine gun is ridiculously powerful! you see the hug chucks a couple bullets take off the building wall/ ceiling! damn lol!

If GTA5 looks & Runs anything like this, then OMG!

yess3220d ago

Big city, fully xsplore able and destructible and 256 players...
Oh! Sorry i was dreaming again.

ATi_Elite3220d ago

This is so not impressive.

This is shaping up to be Grand Theft Crysis Guerrilla Faction.

All you had to do was go back to the same dam island, change the scenery and improve the AI, suit, weapons, vehicles, story and Graphics then sell millions. But Nooooooooooo

Going into every building, not in MP I hope. I would not want to be sitting idle waiting while one Noob searches building by building looking for another NOOB camping in the attic of a high rise.

vhero3220d ago

Imagine a game using this area where you had to hide from an alien invasion and you could hide IN ANY BUILDING! It looks amazing but I doubt PS3/360 could handle that much.

jrm1253220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

It's always fun to see clueless people bashing tech demos as if they're finished, polished projects.

Oh, the deformations were chunky and the gun wasn't realistic? Cmon people, the purpose of this is to show the application and the possibilities. Any studio working on this would use nicer texture, fine tune guns, etc. This was used solely to show the possibility of occlusion and generation in a method never used before.

This will add completely new dimensions to gaming. Imagine something that isn't linear in any fashion because you can essentially create your own path. Or imagine sprawling worlds that can be rendered on something with little power like PDAs, etc. This is the point of this.

inveni03220d ago


Have you ever heard of a TECH DEMO? What you see is just a demonstration. It's not running in CryEngine.


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dktxx23221d ago

Kavet, do you know what they are trying to show? Procedural generation. Those interiors are basically randomly generated, so no developer spent any time on them. It makes development faster and cheaper.

And its a tech demo. They don't really care bout the graphics. That's not what they want to show off.

SoapShoes3221d ago

I am wondering how well this will work though. Coded Arms for PSP had randomly generated environments and they sucked.

TheIneffableBob3220d ago

Coded Arms came out in 2005 and was on the PSP. This is in 2009 and is using infinitely more sophisticated algorithms on a PC.

kaveti66163220d ago

I thought it was a tech demo for physics interactions in large scale environments. In the video, the text repeatedly praised the environmental destruction, which in my opinion was really poor. GeoMod environmental destruction was far better than this.

I agree that randomly generated environments will save a lot of time, but then again I would be worried about the lack of detail and creative expression in the buildings, if that were the case. I think it would be a lot cooler to know that the designers spent time creating very detailed rooms in every building so they could add their own special easter eggs and touches. The environments in that demo were very plain. You could tell that some of the rooms were illogically generated as well. There was what seemed to be a household kitchen in one room, and a meeting room of an office building in the next room.

That's one major disadvantage of randomly generated environments. The engine doesn't know what makes sense to us in real life, in terms of room placement.

TheIneffableBob3220d ago

Yes, it is a tech demo. They're showing off the technology--the graphics are just visual aids and are not meant to look nice, and that includes the destruction. Good looking destruction takes a lot of artist resources.

Illogical placement of rooms can be fixed. Again, this is a tech demo meant to show off the technology of procedural building generation.

And this technology can co-exist with manually-created buildings. The purpose of this is to be able to create, in a reasonable amount of time, buildings where every room can be entered. To have artists create dozens of unique buildings with furnished interiors would take forever.

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Xi3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

that example vid is only showing one street at a time, draw distance for the loss.

Also, thows mirrors/windows are really throwing me off, and a lot of gamers are collectors, knowing that there's 'always' something behind a door would just piss them off, like having to constantly whip things in castlevania pissed a lot of people off.

Timesplitter143220d ago

The textures, polygon count and the reflexions look like crap to me.

TheIneffableBob3220d ago

It's a proof of concept/tech demo, not a retail game.

Chnswdchldrn3220d ago

that would do real nice for a zombie city survival game

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