SOE Raises $25,000 For Haiti

Kotaku: Sony Online Entertainment rallied its players in support of earthquake-ravaged Haiti last weekend, leveraging the allure of exclusive in-game items to raise $25,000.

MMO players are as charitable as they are in-game exclusive crazy, as SOE proved over the weekend. From January 15th to the 18th, players of EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Free Realms were invited to purchase special items from the games' in-game Marketplaces, with the company donating $10 for every item sold to the American Red Cross' aid efforts in Haiti. Players could choose from the Haiti Relief Plush Bear in EQ, the Protectors of the Faydark Crate in EQII, or Zando, the spiked T-Rex in family-friendly Free Realms. Items were sold for 500 Station Cash apiece, which equals around $5 in real money.

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NateNater3223d ago

In a note to employees, Chairman, CEO and President of Sony Corporation, Sir Howard Stringer, announced that the company will donate $250,000 to aid in the disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

Sony will also match all dollars donated by its U.S. employees to the American Red Cross or Save the Children during the campaign period, which runs from Jan 19-Feb 19 2010, up to a grand total of $100,000.

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Sarick3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Not exactly the same amount but it's not about who gives the biggest check it's the fact that they offered in the first place.

ElementX3223d ago

$250,000 from a multi-billion dollar company? Weak!

Anyway, I donated money through the Clinton Foundation by texting Haiti to 20222. I read about it on CNN. The Clinton Foundation has been working with Haiti for many years to improve the quality of life for it's citizens. Plus, Bill Clinton is the US Envoy to Haiti

NateNater3223d ago

$250,000+ is better than nothing though. That kind of money should help a lot over there.

mrv3213223d ago

If I was living in Haiti I wouldn't accept a mere $250,000 just because they are a billion $ company. /sarcasm

These people need all the help they can and that $250,000 will go a long way, it's a shame it's happend but peoples response especially gamers gives me hope.

GUNS N SWORDS3223d ago

the exchange rate will make the value of whatever is placed doubled i think. ANY amount of money is better than none.

3222d ago