Thunderbolt: Darksiders Review

You play as War, servant of an otherworldly order and one of the four horsemen charged with heralding the apocalypse when the final of seven protective seals within the kingdoms of demons, angels, and humans has been broken. This task may seem like your run of the mill every day 8-hour shift for a rider of the apocalypse, but not is all as it seems, and as the call is sounded for War to initiate the apocalypse within the kingdom of man, everything begins to go terribly wrong. War arrives on the scene in our control, and the player is quickly prompted to make use of abilities that will at first seem alien in order to lay waste to swarms of demons, angels, and frenzied humans in a sequence that makes little sense above the realm of intoxicatingly unjustified and enjoyable massacre.

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Ravage273223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

i'm about to platinum it(Dark Rider has to be the most idiotic trophy ever created) in an hour time and i have to say - while it's not as epic or fun as GOW1&2, it's DEFINITELY an above-average game.

Yes the game reminds me of GOW every 5 minutes but a 6 out of 10 for lack of innovation??