G4TV: Letter From The Editor: The Potential Effect of Mass Effect

G4TV writes: "The past few days have been a strange out-of-body experience, as I have been awake for long stretches but not exactly cognizant of anything around me. This is the situation when one is presented with a large game and a clear timeframe for a comprehensive playthrough before the review must be written and posted. It's not the most pleasant experience -- my eating patterns get muddled and my eyes start to hurt -- but it's not all that bad either, as being that absorbed in a game is a benefit I can only claim when it's an act of obligation, not choice.

If you haven't figured out, the game is Mass Effect 2, which I will not comment on until the review is posted on Tuesday. Patrick Klepek will chat with me about the game as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm warbling about it on Soapbox too."

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