Mass Effect 2 – Zaeed: DLC Or Already On Disc?

Shaun McIlroy of OLC writes:

Last August at Gamescom OneLastContinue delegates Simon Williams, Kapil Bhatt and myself were able to get an early look at Bioware's Mass Effect 2 and whilst it's an understatement to say we were blown away, it was what lay beneath that really gave us reason to gasp.

The reason we were so surprised at Mass Effect 2 was due to Simon being able to access the debug menu of the title simply from two face button presses, and on the public show-floor debug unit no less, giving us access to a wide range of information such as a character lists, locations, and weapons.

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ASSASSYN 36o3221d ago

What do I care. It will be free for me to access.

green3221d ago

As long as it's free, why should i care?

Rockox3221d ago

It's just another good way for Bioware to give gamers incentive to buy their games new. I'm buying the game new, so I'm getting this DLC free, therefore I don't care.

Solidus187-SCMilk3221d ago

Its FREE DLC if you buy an original copy.

If you really want to save 15-5$ and buy a used copy from a company like EB who takes advantage of gamers and developers alike, then NOONE CARES TO HEAR YOUR SOB STORY. If you actually get a used copy at a decent price you can still save money even after paying the extra 15$.
Most people buy first hand copies, especially for an anticipated game like this. Therefore most people ARE GLAD THEY GET EXTRA CONTENT FOR FREE no matter if its on the disk or not.

REGARDLESS, why not save you conspiracy theory sob story till you see how large the DL is.

Also they havent said abuot ANY other FREE content that they may release for the Cerber..whatever network which might make it even better.

Elven63221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

This is also on the PC, charging PC gamers for content already installed to their harddrives is funny.

What about for those gamers who don't have access to Live, a internet connection, etc on their console or PC? Just because they give those who buy the game from stores a unlock code doesn't make it OK to do this since there are people who will still be buying it for a variety of reasons.

Edit: To all the disagrees, what if you are a gamer who can't afford to buy the game new? Those type of gamers do exist you know. Or when a game will eventually go out of print, the used market will be the only place to get a physical copy?

ASSASSYN 36o3221d ago

I guess they have a problem now don't they.

Nihilism3221d ago

Sounds like they removed it from the game in order to use it as an incentive to purchase new...kind of sucks that I have to download content that should have been on the disk, especially seeing as there are no used game sales for PC games. At least I get a disk check only :D

7ero H3LL3221d ago

it's free, so it shouldn't matter where it comes from.

kaveti66163221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I'm not going to defend Bioware for this. You guys are defending Bioware because they happen to be great developers with no bias towards consoles. But other people made a great point when they said that whatever is on the disc should be free AND free to access from time of purchase. What this means is that it's not really DLC. DLC means it is going to be downloaded, not unlocked. Bioware should call this UC, Unlock-able Content.

johnnywit3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I have a question. Is the DLC free only if you buy the game during a certain time period(launch day)or is it free anytime you buy the game new?

Edit: I was under the impression that it was an incentive to get the game during launch day and I hope not because I won't have the money when the game comes out. I want the DLC but I can't get the game until the FEB 15.



Nihilism3221d ago

Anytime new, although with the slip with the download code in Dragon Age, I saw that it said it had an expiry date :S

unknownhero11233221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


but it is FREE, bioware made that clear. I really don't see the problem with this.

edit:nvm,you were talking about future dlc that is on the disk, not zaeed right?

Solidus187-SCMilk3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


because some blog says it is. It says the guy name in the debug menu doesnt meant taht the character data and the mission data are on the disk too.

What if the simply took the character out, then crafted this DLC around him after the final game content was decided upon?

ALSO, its says they saw this last august, so it could have been in the game then, then removed. Which is exactly what bioware said. WHo knows how much extra work they did or didnt do for this DLC. FOr sure not SOME BLOG.

this is just people jumping on the complain wagon based on speculation from a no name site.

This guy isnt very smart and seems to have a problem with the people who support the devs getting the better experience. Too bad he doesnt care much about the DEVS who make the GAMES which THEY(the GAMING MEDIA and NO NAME SITES) LEECH OFF OF WITH BS SPECULATION LIKE THIS.

shaunmcilroy3220d ago


1) I write for OneLastContinue, have done for a year now. For a no-name site we seem to be linked quite frequently by sites such as Kotaku and covered by UK games mag GamesTM. Do a search for us and see how often we pop up. So yeah for such a NO NAME BLOG we're pretty well thought of.


Solidus187-SCMilk3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

you dont know how big the DL will be, didnt hear this from bioware, or even know if the version you saw was before it was taken out of the game. Im sure you know exactly how much work bioware has done on the FREE DlC since removing the character from the game, or even when the character was removed.

What if they had separate group work on turning little pieces of removed content(like a removed character) into a cool Free DLC. I dont see a problem if thats the case even if its on the disk. They may have had extra space left since me is on 2 disks instead of 1.

The only thing your site did was pass off speculation as the truth.

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shaunmcilroy3221d ago

For those who pick it up second hand, read: the unfortunate ones who have no choice. Or those who trade their games with friends after obliterating them.

The second owner will then have to pay for what looks to be 'on disc' content.

DarkAzureIIIX3221d ago

the DLC is not complete and just the assets are on the disk

3221d ago