"Alliance: The Silent War" for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC Shelved?

President Asi Lang of Windward Mark Interactive has confirmed with PSU that their upcoming next gen title Alliance: The Silent War has been shelved due to working with Linden Labs on the graphical rebuild of Second Life.

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Jay da 2KBalla4117d ago

Never heard of this game. What is it about?

NoUseMerc4117d ago

Here is PSU/PS3lands Interview with them:

Great Read

_insane_cobra4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Uh, what game was that again? Looks good, though.

brianodom4117d ago

ah damn..i was looking forward to this title

MK_Red4117d ago

Last I heard of them was E3 and then gone. And now gone for real.

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