Sony In 2010: What To Expect

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"It's ending January now and in March, mostly all of the heavy hitting games will be released: Heavy Rain, M.A.G, White Knight Chronicles, Quantum Theory, God Of War 3, and Final Fantasy XIII. We all know Sony aren't dumb. They have something up their sleeves. This is a little article on what I believe will come true.
NOTE: None of this is confirmed and should be taken as speculation and rumors...."

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ShadyDevil3247d ago

I'm Curious as to what everyone thinks about the article. Hope everyone enjoys it.

-Alpha3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I've seen a ridiculous amount of the same "Sony in 2010" speculative articles get approved over and over again and it's highly annoying.

Edit: I just noticed you wrote that article. I didn't mean any disrespect and I'm not saying it's a bad article (I actually enjoyed it and in a perfect world all those points would be heaven). So, if you want my opinion on the article, it's terrific, but I can't stand how many I keep seeing on N4G.

Personally I don't know what the future holds, but what I would *like* to see is a huge overhaul of PSN. Everything from the design of the pop-in notifications to the friends list, to the way trophy cards look needs a new update. You didn't mention it in the article but PSN Premium is going to be huge IF Sony can offer changes.

They need to make PSN look less static and more like a membership community like the 360. I'm talking about rep systems, cross game chats, community features (trophy leaderboards for example), Twitter-like integration notifying gamer-related things like when a friend earns a new trophy, or when a friend has booted the same game your playing. I want to see a redesign mostly-- the messaging system in PS3 is very bland looking. Ugly lines and gray boxes look horrendous with the slick design of the XMB. If you've ever played ModNation Beta there is a messaging system and it looks SO much more slicker and looks so much better. Sony really needs to add these little features because they go a long way. Look at what they did with colorizing your PSN ID. It gave personality to the friends list.

Anyways, PSN Premium I believe will be huge if Sony can use the stream of profit to make well needed changes. I'm not saying that it's outdated, but a new redesign would make things so much better, and it would really go well considering how Sony has had a completely new attitude then they had 1-2 years ago. I strongly believe PSN Premium can overthrow XBL if Sony can put their head into it.

With that out of the way they have the studios to deliver games and their main focus will be on motion control and 3-D it seems. As for Home, they need to give motives to play it: coming out of the beta would be a great start and continuing community events like Xi would not only reinforce what I said about Sony making PSN feel more like a community, but it would also make Home fun and dynamic.

Dev8 ing3246d ago

I think R3 will probably come out this year. Sly 4 will come out before they do infamous 2. Uncharted 3 wont come out until next year along with killzone 3. Starhawk and the ico game could come out this year.

Lifendz3246d ago

Good stuff. I disagree with you about the PSN interface. I think everything's fairly easy to find as is. And if you really want that trophy update via twitter stuff can't you just use the trophy update via facebook? And I often hear people say PSN feels very barren in terms of a community while XBL feels like you're apart of something. I gotta think this is because you can see those avatars on Live and you can't on PSN. Is there any way for Sony to get around this? Most people on my friend's list don't use Home. Would allowing to use our Home avatars make the online aspects feel more community like? Maybe but I'd rather have custom avatars than that.

And griping about the message box? C'mon man. Would you like to see an avatar dancing while you type or something?

Again, I gave you bubble for voicing your opinion but I really don't see how Sony could satisfy any of what you said.

Cross game chat is on the way. Sucks having to wait but if you really want it that bad 360's right there and it'll only cost you 50 per to use it. For a free service, I'm good with what I have. And, just my opinion, but I don't need to speak to someone that's playing a different game than I'm playing. I like what Modern Warfare 2 did. You wanna get in my game? Cool, click on join session. If not, let me play my game and I'll get at you later.

badz1493245d ago

I'm expecting just another great year as a gamer - just like 2009 was! surprise me sony!

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knightdarkbox3247d ago

only flop games like heavy QTE rain, fail of god war and others.

Bungie3247d ago

i expect alot of tears from droid

more flops, inferior multiplats and crappy PSN

and anger caused by still being last place

maybe a good PSN could happened

young juice3247d ago

i would love for you guy to list all of these flops you keep talking about, because if 2 mill is a flop i could name a bunch of those on the 360.

granted, no exclusive on the ps3 has sold as much as halo or gears. there are also games on the 360 that you praise as better than sex that havent sold more than resistance 1, lbp, or mgs4, or prologue. but people dont call those flops. most fanboys are hypocrites and are guilty of loving the very thing they hate.

FiftyFourPointTwo3246d ago

This year, I expect more dupe accounts from the Xfools and some nastier spins from TheButthurt2009.

infekt3246d ago

The mere fact that most people disagree with your comments should may you realize that your opinions are worth yo mama's c0ck. Go bury your turd beliefs six feet under. Begone amateurs gamers!

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ShadyDevil3247d ago

Why be a fanboy? So mean.

LtSkittles3247d ago

Because, it's the only thing that makes them happy in their sad little world.

grantps33247d ago

good article, but i seriously doubt that uncharted 3 will come out in 2010. the voice actors help write the dialogue and since the entire game revolves around the story they would do that towards the beginning of the game.

i was expecting the article to also comment on motorstorm 3 or what ever evolution studios is doing, and also on media molecules next game is.

mm is my second favorite dev and their next game is due around fall 2010

ShadyDevil3247d ago

Thank you guys for your insight. I Came up with ten things I mean as gaming enthusiasts we can prolly come up with 40 for each company. If you guys enjoyed the article be sure to stay tuned to that site along with my name here on N4G I'm going to continue to try to keep everything up to date. I'm going to begin work on the same style, what to expect in 2010 from Microsoft, and with any luck Nintendo if i can come up with some ideas and look at the track record and companies.

Alpha-Male lol its ok man i don't care its your opinion and I know its been done to death but this is my take on it and i didnt include PSN Premium because we know its coming and i decided to go with Firmware and Cross game chat and PS2 emulator instead...note those were on the list of features for PSN premium so we shall see.

-Alpha3246d ago

I would like to see what you expect from Nintendo and Microsoft-- nobody really does that and I assume it's because Sony is the easiest to do considering the potential and promise of the year for Sony.

I expect from Nintendo a stronger online system-- don't take my word for it but I was reading something about Nintendo ditching their friend codes. We will see.

As for MS, project Natal is going to make a big impact if marketed correctly. Halo Reach is going to be the juggernaut hit of 2010 bar none.

Bigpappy3246d ago

That also have been done to death. Fanboys from M$ and Sony have enough to fight over already. This is not a good article because is already been done to death and brings nothing new to the table. If you want to do a good article, get into some developers studio's and get new info on upcoming game. See if you can get some footage on games for PS-wand and Natal. There is a lot of curiosity with that war and you will get more hits than you know what to do with if you could get some original footage for new game so the community could could have an idea where the developers are focusing their efforts.

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