GameZone: Jonathan Knight chats about bringing an epic poem to video-game life

GameZone writes: "Jonathan Knight has been around and knows what a major franchise is in the video-game world. From his start at Interplay, Viacom New Media to serving as executive producer at Activision to Electronic Arts, his name has been attached to the roster of titles like The Sims, The Simpsons, Wolfenstein, Quake, and Star Trek. Currently he is the executive producer for Visceral Games' upcoming title, Dante's Inferno.

The game is derived from the epic poem written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321. It is a classic, not only for the time in which it was written, but it also resonates today as one of the great literary pieces of all time.

So what does it take to bring such a masterpiece to life as a video game? Jonathan chatted with GameZone about precisely that."

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Kyrwolf3220d ago

Solid answers about a game that seems like it could be pretty good. Been following this one for a couple of months now and it might be worth a look.

Caspel3220d ago

I'll take God of War 3 instead.