Kojima: Peace Walker would have been called MGS5 if it weren't on PSP.

Irish Gaming Site '' writes;

"In an interview in this month's Official Playstation Magazine, Hideo Kojima reiterated his dedication to the Metal Gear Solid franchise and re-emphasized just how important the upcoming PSP only Peace Walker is to the greater MGS legacy. In fact, according to Kojima, Peace Walker would have been called 'Metal Gear Solid 5' if it wasn't developed for PSP."

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Pennywise3219d ago

Well it isn't Kojima. Give us a new PS3 game, plz!

Arnon3219d ago

You know... Metal Gear is a great franchise, but Kojima acts like the James Cameron of Video Games. You love his movies, but the man is a prick.

"My team is a piece of sh*t, and I do all the work." - This is basically how I interpreted his comment towards how he comes up with all the ideas.

Just like James Cameron, he's a genius at his work, but that doesn't deter from the fact that he sounds like a jerk.

Downtown boogey3219d ago

Sorry, but he is exactly the opposite. You just took one example which was taken out of context it the first place.

El_Colombiano3219d ago


You couldn't be more wrong even if you tried.

captain-obvious3219d ago

this shows that MGS:R is a spin-off

i mean com on ((bolt Lightning Action)) or what ever
im a huge MGS fan and im getting this game
but i really don't expect much of it

Timesplitter143219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

No. The James Cameron of videogames is Peter Molyneux and this is the hardest fact known to man. The similarities are just hilarious.

- Has made many classics
- Hypes everything he makes as the next coming of Christ
- Masturbates to himself in the mirror every morning
- Pioneers new technology for the medium, for the better or the worse (95% CGI 3D movie / Natal)

I think both Cameron and Molyneux make great games/movies (though that could change for Molyneux with Natal) but they both sound like jerks too

Arnon3219d ago

Good to know then. I just get the impression that he's a jerk by every one of his pictures and the articles that are always submitted here.

I'm glad to know that he isn't like most developers.

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nogolis3219d ago

This guy is such a hypocrite. What happened to "no more MGS games"? That's what I want to know.

Pennywise3219d ago

Yeah.. he went from no more MGS to two more on the way.

Hellsvacancy3219d ago

He should of just kept his mouth shut and made it 4 the PS3

UnwanteDreamz3219d ago

Does he ever comment on his other project? You know the one with "Lightning Action' lol.

PotNoodle3219d ago

He must just expect each and every last game to do poorly, but as each one exceeds expectations in both reviews and sales, konami nudge him to do more.

BlackTar1873219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

You must really hate him you are all over his articles with stuff like this.
What did he do to you. I don't hate other loud mouth devs and none of them except one has made something IMHO as great as MGS

UnwanteDreamz3219d ago

Naw, Nogolis is bummed that he can't play another ZOE right now.

BlackTar1873219d ago

i love ZOE before i was on the internet i always thought of it as a unappreciated game but i see alot of people love it.

i have to sya my favorite kojima game and probably top 3 of all time because of the emotional tie i felt with it was Snatcher on sega cd

I think the Bounty Hunters name was remy or something when he diesd9will nto spoil) i almost cried.

If he could make a snatcher 2 i would probably take off work a month and play it 100x ZOE great game as well : )

Lso im not meaning to come off as a deuche just thought he was working off a agenda for some reason.

sikbeta3219d ago


Is not his Fault if the MGS Fans ask for more MGS Games

MGS Franchise = Masterpiece

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SasanovaS19873219d ago

what he ment by this is the game should be taken seriously, as if it was a ps3 exclusive. the fact that it came out on PSP does not deteriorate from overall experience that we are used to from MGS titles, thus saying if this exact game was on the ps3, with better graphics ofcourse, he would have no problem naming it the official 5th installment of the MGS series, even if its a spin off from the actual story, which was told with a great ending of MGS4

Nitrowolf23219d ago

is it a spin off? I remember Kojima saying its the true sequel or was it prequel? he said MGR was a spin off

Darrius Cole3219d ago

A game about Naked Snake A.K.A. "Big Boss" and Outer Heaven is not a spin-off or a side story. That is the meat of what Metal Gear Solid is about.

A game based on Raiden on the other hand....

headwing453219d ago

Rising is the spin off, It;s not even made by hideo

Aclay3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I'm still a little bummed out that this game isn't on the PS3... MGS3 was my favorite in the series and I would've loved to experience a MGS game as Big Boss on the PS3.

Sometimes I wish it was MGS: Rising getting the PSP treatment and Peace Walker getting the HD console treatment instead (regardless if it was Multiplatform or not) but I obviously would've preferred it to be only on PS3 if it was done.

BYE3219d ago

Did he just say the PS3 version of Peace Walker will be called MGS5?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213219d ago

No, he's saying that if it was on PS3 then it would have been called MGS5...

BYE3219d ago

I meant between the lines...well we'll see.

Downtown boogey3219d ago

Point well made, baseballkid, point well made...

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