New Blue: Kapeselus

A new European Community Manager has been introduced to the StarCraft II General Discussion Forum. He was introduced a few hours ago by existing CM Xordiah. The new blue, Kapeselus, is described as being very skilled at SC2 who will help out specifically with the Polish community. This new addition is likely do to the recent announcement that SCII will be supported in Polish.

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DeepThought3220d ago

I can't wait to see what he's like :P

DeepThought3220d ago

that sounded weird... but still

Leord3220d ago

It did! Perhaps you have a hting for Blizz ppl? :)

I hear they get laid QUITE EASY around nerd events like BlizzCon. Just being almost anyone withing Blizzard is instant repor with the (good looking) women or men :P

kuangtu3220d ago

lol....I was justing reading the blue chats on BN. Good news, more blue, more support, beta is close....again?

SCFreelancer3220d ago

As for the beta, I think a february announcement might be viable based on all the rumours pointing that way.

Leord3220d ago

As a friend of mine said: It's likely they would save such an announcement for OTHER times than an investor's call...

SCFreelancer3220d ago

Quite a bit of green blue lately ;)

Dorjan3220d ago

aww good luck to them!

Leord3220d ago

I thought it was not long since they got a new one?

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