New Tekken 6 Images

New images of Tekken 6 exclusively for PS3.

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rukusa3904d ago

You'll probably see some tomorrow I believe, on the beta day when people get to test it out.

ErcsYou3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

who needs a ps3( i do , already have one). id rather have one of these 42"wide screen arcade machines. (with ps3 arcade hardware) i bet this 4 player arcade machine is close to $35,000.

people disagree??? what, you never wanted a arcade macine??
i would love to import a tekken6 arcade hardware and software and hook it up to a super gun but all my friends would never leave my house

ErcsYou3903d ago

i guessed the $35,000 its actuaky $36,000

matrix0013904d ago

i'm glad just to see a new picture

JIN KAZAMA3904d ago

but I cant WAIT for tekken 5: DR to be online. thats gonna ROCK!

pwnaplaya3904d ago

If you could upload the data from your PS3 namco games to the arcade machines so you can beat ppl you see with what you unlocked. But then that's kinda pointless because there will be online play.

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