Mabinogi European Open Beta Dated

Nexon has announced that the open beta test for its upcoming MMO Mabinogi will go live on 27 January.

This beta test for the free to play fantasy MMO, which is based on Welsh and Celtic mythology, will allow hard-core fans as well as new users to try out many of the game's features such as battles, quests and skill allocation.

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Maticus3220d ago

Seems a strange mix of Welsh and Asian influences there :P

Leord3220d ago

It seems most games are a mixture of one or more cultures on earth.

There ARE those who make completely unique ones, but they never get popular :P

Fyzzu3220d ago

I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. This is an eastern MMO focusing on western mythology? Really? Sarcasm aside, I'd actually like to *see* this.

SCFreelancer3220d ago

Hehe, I totally see what you mean :D

TheObserver3220d ago

I tried Mabinogi, the battle system is a change of pace, it's different. It's not about DPS, more of timing when to strike and use skills.

3219d ago