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N4G Battle of the Immortals Beta Key Giveaway

Thanks to Jason Varden and the rest of Perfect World Entertainment, we have 5000 beta keys to give out for the closed beta of their upcoming MMO, Battle of the Immortals!

A 2.5D MMO, Battle of the Immortals is a highly competitive PvP MMO with players pitted against one another for the right to slay epic bosses in dungeons.

Due to the ongoing demand, to get your closed beta key, just PM me. A beta key will be sent within 24 hours (worst case scenario ;) ) to your N4G PM inbox.

To activate your closed beta key:

1. Go to www.perfectworld.com
2. Login using your Perfect World Entertainment username and password.
3. Click on the "My Account" link.
4. Click on "Redeem Beta Keys".
5. Enter your closed beta key.

(Battle of the Immortals, Contests, PC)

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The Happy Baby  +   1549d ago
ooo-gimme gime gimme.
xMAxTrigger  +   1549d ago
JoySticksFTW  +   1548d ago
I'm in, if you still have them :)
AntoineDcoolette  +   1548d ago
Can I still get a beta key? lol
Kappa Mikey  +   1548d ago
Ohhh plz plz I want a beta key
CptBach  +   1548d ago
I would like a Beta key plz
playboi28  +   1548d ago
Beta Key
I would greatly appreciate a beta key.
lbartley  +   1549d ago
I'll give it a shot.
Old Greg  +   1549d ago
Dont Forget Old Greg
Old Greg wants to join your beta. Give him a key.

Do you love me?
Lirky  +   1549d ago
Can i have a code.
I posted i hope im allowed to get a code.
LeetGoose  +   1549d ago
Code please
Code please
user9422077  +   1549d ago
I'd like one please.
MisterBronze  +   1549d ago
Yes please!
I really like the look of this, I wuold like a code please :)
oldermand  +   1549d ago
<3 N4G
Hey, could i get a key? :D plzzz
KilL7roCitY  +   1549d ago
Could i get a key ? thanks.
Kslay31  +   1549d ago
N4G is the best
Send me a beta key plz, lol.
Doombrinqer  +   1549d ago
Sounds interesting, i'll give it a try
Cook1eMan  +   1549d ago
Can I have one, plz?
xyxzor  +   1549d ago
Looks interesting, I'd love to give some constructive feedback.
Empyrean_Eclipse  +   1549d ago
i want a key pls
i want a key please, thanks!
Karlnag3  +   1549d ago
I'd also like a key. MMO Betas ftw :)
sakura2009  +   1549d ago
me plz thanks
lociefer  +   1549d ago
ill take 1 merci beaucoup
TheCrookedWarden  +   1549d ago
I would love a beta key oh so much.
emjayx  +   1549d ago
Cool another code, i want one :)
sakura2009  +   1549d ago
i got my beta keys
Syphon911  +   1549d ago
Beta Key!
I'd love to try this game!
DarkStormuk99  +   1549d ago
ohhh beta key please
Karlnag3  +   1549d ago
my key didn't work T~T
sakura2009  +   1549d ago
liar, u just want another beta key
Cat  +   1549d ago
now, now, Sakura...

Any users having trouble, please refer to the update. I'll keep ya posted as I hear from PW.
GenoZStriker  +   1549d ago
Competitive PvP. :) Sounds great. 1 please.
reaperman  +   1549d ago
Interested in checking this out, a key would be appreciated. thanx
Statonxyb  +   1549d ago
I'll take a key!
Br0wNb0y  +   1549d ago
I'll try it out. Thanks!
fpsskippa  +   1549d ago
im a beta fanatic
fpsskippa  +   1549d ago
I got my key and it worked, but there is no download. Is that the problem other people are experiencing or are their keys not working in general?
jeekay87  +   1549d ago
definitely interested in trying out a new beta
xMAxTrigger  +   1549d ago
Give me a code please
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