Mass Effect 1 vs. Mass Effect 2: PC graphics compared

PC Games Hardware compares the PC versions of ass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. On the screenshots one can see the visual upgrades Bioware integrated into the new game.

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N4PS3G3223d ago

The grunt comparison :O :O

dp2774073223d ago

yea they do...its the only game coming out soon that im going to get for my pc everything else im going to get so i can play it online on my big t.v. on my ps3

dirthurts3223d ago

Why not set your TV as your second display, and play pc games there. That's what I do. Pretty simple really.

SmokeyMcBear3223d ago

why are the gameplay shots of ME2 always in the dark... doh.

GamerSciz3223d ago

I see an improvement in lighting, texturing, and overall polycount on the models and environments. Looking very good and looks like they improved on everything graphical.

thewhoopimen3223d ago

Partially agree. Texture is definitely sharper, lighting is also better. However, I don't see the polygon pushing you're talking about. Character polygon count look pretty much the same to me. Same with the environment looking at the command center on the ship. Everything is a little wider... same design. What needs to be seen is the animations, physics and particle effects, as well as number of onscreen AI. That to me completes the overall "package".

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The story is too old to be commented.