IncGamers: Aliens Vs Predator Hands On Preview [360]

IncGamers' Andy Alderson gets hands on with the three single player campaigns in AvP.

From the preview:

"And so the fear begins again as I'm told to negotiate my way (alone) through the human colony which, I'm helpfully informed, is teeming with Xenomorphs. Cracking. With sparse light on offer, the industrial corridors and rooms immediately capture the feel of the 1999 game perfectly as I sweep my flashlight nervously across the rooms searching for movement and desperately hoping I don't find any. Rebellion toys with the gamer in this early section, offering you a glimpse of the terror before throwing it right in your face. Before long, once you've traversed the colony to regroup with Vasquez -sorry- Tequilla, I'm handed a Pulse Rifle and my nerves ease a little. The rifle, like the motion sensor, feels instantly familiar thanks to the excellent sound design and packs a delightful punch, allowing you to take down the Xenomorphs in what feels like a sensible amount of rounds. Of course you'll need to hit them first which is easier said than done, thanks to their impressive speed."

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Fyzzu3220d ago

This sounds like what I want: something closer to the first game than the second. No mention of Facehuggers, though; those little buggers were what really scared the hell out of me back then. Everything that could be construed as a scuttling noise set me completely on edge for weeks after.

Maticus3220d ago

I just about managed to complete the marine section on the original game without soiling myself. Think I'll give this one a miss, but the Predator missions will be fun :P

Fyzzu3220d ago

Adult nappies. People will think that you either have bowel problems or are a pervert, but it saves on washing when a Facehugger suddenly gives you a cuddle from the shadows.

AndyA3220d ago

It's all about the Alien missions for me. So much violence.