PS3 sales hit 3 million in UK

Sony has confirmed that it's sold 3 million PlayStation 3 consoles in UK.

News of the milestone comes as Sony blasts invites to press for a London party to celebrate the achievement with free booze and loud music.

PS3 picked up momentum with the release of the Slim last year, and had a stunning Christmas not over in the US, recording its best ever figures of any single month in December 2009 with a 90 percent hike in hardware sales over the previous year.

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davekaos3223d ago

Plain and simple, Well done sony and the power of the Ps3.
You deserved it.
Now give me GT5 for gods sake lol

NYC_Gamer3223d ago

PS3 is selling like crazy

mastiffchild3223d ago

What did the 360 do here in the UK over Xmas then? Loads of mobiles were giving both away free with £25 a month phone contracts but were using the PS3 in the ads all the time.

Thing is, every time I went to the supermarket or into town people looked like they were buying wiis faster than ever and it also seemed like the 360 was holding onto it's position of strength in the HD market with loads of people picking up elites in bundles at Game and Gamestation where I live so I'm actually shocked to hear Sony doing so well. I'm always of the opinion that the UK is actually more favourable, percentage wise, for the 360 than even the US! Every kid here seemed to graduate along the Wii to 360 course over the past two years around here and to hear Sony finally joining battle in the MS dominated HD gaming world here is great for the industry, imo.

Nineball21123223d ago

world-wide numbers on PS3's sold to date?

Equinoxe_73223d ago

Official 30-32 mill, unofficial, 25-35 mill.

Coolrah3223d ago

I can see a MS hitting 4 mil in UK article in about a month....

Good to see sony doing well. Competition will make both companies work to maintain their hold.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213223d ago

Chances are that there will be an article about Greenberg saying that 5 million Xbox has been sold in UK, claiming 2 million lead over PS3 and official number comes out a week later showing that 360 barely sold 3 million...

PirateThom3223d ago

I think it was around September Micrsoft had announced 4m.

Realistically, I'd say they've reached that number about now.

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