Where do game genres go to die?

Chris Finnamore at writes "Remember Wing Commander? X-Wing and Tie Fighter? Day of the Tentacle? Homeworld? All huge games, and all part of genres that now barely exist."

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The Meerkat3252d ago

X-wing vs TIE fighter XBLA would be insane.

ThatArtGuy3251d ago

I would *LOVE* a new TIE Fighter Vs. X-Wing. That's a game Lucasarts would do well in reviving. Awesome, awesome game.

ryuzu3251d ago

This article is the usual poorly researched rubbish. It basically says - "Hey look.... Steam .... you can download games with names I remember from Steam! WOW!!!"

A quick internet search would've shown him that the Adventure game genre is actually rather well supported with many professional games being released each year by indie developers, not to mention the homebrew games that are also released.

Serious space combat games are a bit more difficult to find, but the Star Trek MMO is one possibility and of course Elite 4 (if it ever turns up) will also fill this hole.

The Evochron series is still active and there are a couple of space "sims" in development - whether they'll ever get released is another question.


SaiyanFury3251d ago

I think the best Wing Commander game was Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom on the original PlayStation. It featured Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, and John Rhys-Davies as feature characters all featured in full motion video. To my knowledge, it was the only game to feature the Kilrathi in FMV also. Great effects and a great game. Who knows what happened to the series. 'Twas a great one indeed.

riksweeney3252d ago

The reason why they're dead is because people prefer playing FPS and DMC clones these days.

Timesplitter143251d ago

They get stomped in the dirt by bald space marines and guitar games

Montrealien3251d ago

You got to love it, I can sum up this article in a question, and an answer.

Question: Where to old game genres go to die?

Answer: Nowhere, they still exist, but have a smaller budget.

That's Pulitzer prize material right there folks. lol

Qdog3251d ago

Genres go to the Wii to die. Anything not made by Nintendo, seems to die in the barren wasteland of failed development attempts that the media kindly call the Wii. I love my Gamecube, though. The thought of some of Lucas Arts' old games remade, like Full Throttle, Beneath a Steel Sky, and Flight of the Amazon Queen, in HD with revamped controls, would be very awesome. This has been another exciting edition of, my own personal opinion....thank you for reading, and have a good night.

Pekka3251d ago

This has nothing to do with Wii. Almost all point & click adventure games lately have been made for PC first, only very few of them have been released first on any console (actually, probably just 1). Sure, some of them have been ported to Wii but only 1 of them is exclusive on Wii (Zack and Wiki). Every other game is on PC too (released either at the same time or before Wii version) and several exclusive PC point&click adventure are released every year. Those don't have huge budgets and are made independent studios but they are still made.

Qdog3249d ago

With the exception of the desire to see the classics remade, it was said in jest, with a dash of sarcasm. I still play gamecube for pity's sake.

Whiptcracker3251d ago

Jesus, there were nearly 100 point and click adventure games released in 2009. I'd hardly call that a "dead" genre.

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