PS3 Game Data Install List, Optional or Required Games listed

PS writes: PlayStation 3 owners have the luxury of upgrading their hard drives. But with more data storage built into a Blu-ray disc, you shouldn't need to monitor your hard disk space, right? Wrong! The list of games that require game data to be installed are piling up.

Metal Gear Solid 4 tops the list for me of install time but an entertaining time at that. Fancied with informational yet capturing images made it memorable. Oblivion Game of the Year and GT5: Prologue round out the top in storage space. Some optional install, are just that but most feel it's best to just do it and get it over with. Here's the list of games currently asking to be installed on your PS3 HDD for performance enhancements or just for plain old "updates".

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Dave13513221d ago

I really dont mind it if it makes the games run faster

keysy4203221d ago

they make the game run better and my system not over heat