Ace Gamez: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight Preview

The Command & Conquer saga has been one of consistent hardships and unending silliness. Beginning way back in 1995 the tale of the Faux United Nations inspired Global Defence Initiative's (GDI) fight against the terrorist organisation the Brotherhood of NOD over the deadly yet valuable substance called Tiberium, has thrown up plot twists so over the top that it makes even Michael Bay movies look credible. What began as a simple tale of good versus evil against two equally matched military superpowers has seen the death and resurrection of the NOD leader Kane (who will soon be heading towards his first century year old birthday) to the arrival of a rogue AI supercomputer that commanded it's own cyborg armies against both factions, to the discovery that Tiberium was in fact an alien substance sent to Earth to terraform it lands in preparation for an alien species called the Scrin, who entered Command & Conquer 3 as the games third playable faction.

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