GameFocus: Bayonetta Review

Platinum Games is the company that could do wonders for the gaming industry. The powerhouse studio has released yet another game worthy of great praise and worthy of your hard earned dollars. When you get past the blatant sexualization of the lead character, the games concept is still pretty interesting. Bayonetta is a witch, who obtained her powers in hell and uses them to fight and kill, of all things, Angels. Why? Well you'll just have to play and find out?

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Pennywise3224d ago


God... Bayonetta was not a 9.6. I am not reading it anywhere in the reviews, but is it required to smoke a 20 rock of crack to like this game? That might be why I hated it.

Ghostsmoker3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

nearly everywhere a perfect score but I don't even think about buying it. I'll wait for God of War 3.

Pennywise3224d ago

Don't be confused. I hated this game. If I rent a game that is 8hours long and DON'T beat it.... Something is wrong.

IQUITN4G3224d ago

You guys certainly are typical gamers

Gow is definitely more suited to you i say

Unicron3224d ago

Why, because if its a review online with a number slapped on it, it's automatically fact and wrong to disagree?

Bayonetta is DMC. Fun ride, but I don't understand the heaping praise when pretty much everything besides the combat is run of the mill, or in the case of the story, subpar. It's not a bad game, but again, don't understand the lavish praise.

Pennywise3224d ago

Typical? Typical as in I don't like bad cheesy story lines. Typical as in I don't like dialog that makes me puke in my mouth. Typical as in I like to kill more than 4 NPC's before I have to sit through like 4 loading screens before I get to play again. The combat was no deeper than any other masher I have played. Just make sure to keep hitting R2 to dodge.... Did I mention the loading SUCKED.

Any "typical" gamer out there would hate the lame song that they attached to every single scene.

OMG - INTENSE SCENE - Queue the lame music!

CaliGamer3224d ago

Pennywise is a one man smear campaign against Bayonetta, hahaha. Good stuff man.
I myself am not interested in the least over this game, GOW3 is the game for me, but I could see this appealing to you if you don't have a PS3 or are a huge fan of this stuff.
Good stuff Penny, you're too much brotha. LOL.

Pennywise3224d ago

heh... Thanks. I am starting to feel like I am running a smear campaign, but I can not justify the high scores and praise it is receiving.

This game doesn't even beat DMC imo, but hey... like you said. If you don't own a PS3, its all you have.

Hakimy3224d ago

Bayonetta killed Pennywise's family,people.either that or he lost a bet to someone about the game getting high scores and praise.seriously dude,if you don't like a game which got high scores and praise from almost every site,it doesn't that the game just isn't for you.if everyone is like you then all games suck ;)

Pennywise3224d ago

Yeah okay. You got me... I lost a bet and they got to kill my family because of it.

I LOVE action games. I love hack N slash games. I hated this game.