Slow broadband threatens the UK online gaming industry

The UK video games industry is struggling to keep up with international competition, according to representatives from the likes of Eidos and Codemasters.

Speaking at a gathering in Whitehall, London, for the Westminster eForum Ian Livingstone from Eidos, Chris Deering from Codemasters and David Braben (brainchild behind cult game - Elite) gathered this week to discuss what the games industry wants the government to include in it's pre-budget report.

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mastiffchild3221d ago

Whoa! Actual effin news! This is a bit sad. The UK is good at something but, yet again the governament won't support it til we lose everything we now have! Our games industry pedigree is second to none in terms of sheer talent and there's a lot of UK citizens working all over the world in the industry yet we're allowing Bankers and our ailing film industry more support than in an area where we actually do pretty well currently?

It's just like our feeble broadband speeds that's touched on here as well. The VERY best I can have at my home is bloody 7Meg! What's the minimum in South Korea? 120meg or something unheard of in the third world backwater called England! If you don't liv in or near one of the bigger cities (where you can get(woo!)around 24meg)you're simply screwed. I copntacted BT after reading this and after twelve phone monkeys I finally spoke to one of the few organ grinders that work fopr them and knows anything about anything. He gladly told me that my exchange was AHEAD of the norm and there were currently NO plans to update it in the next seven years!

So, I'm stuck at 7meg(and remember that's at best. On a good day and with only one device online I might get that speed and as someone who lives well away fropm a city it means my ping is usually even higher too as servers are NEVER near me!

God, the UK is screwed. We'll bail out the banks qwho risked all OUR money on getting themselves rish and we'll make sure they pay themselves massive bonuses but will we support an industry where we contribute at the top tabel? Not a fekkin chance. Useless we are. How come Korea managed a fibre optic grid five/ten years ago and we're still on bloody copper wires?

IT makes me ashamed to be British and angry that we stop ourselves from competing(even in online games themselves it appears!) on a level playing field.We also pay exorbitant amlounts for our paltry broadband compared to what my US mates pay. I pay nearly £20 per month fopr my princely 8meg unlimited download package(though whether it's REALLY unlimited is a puzzle to me and many others)and my mate in Chicago laughs at me for it as he reckons he gets 50mehg for under £10 per month!Useless we are, useless.

Raf1k13221d ago

I agree with you but sometimes it's better to give aid to those that aren't doing so well than to give it to those that are. The UK film industry used to be ranked very highly and since there are a lot of old people in our government I think they'd much rather do what they can to try and revive it.

You're right about the our broadband network too. It's nowhere near as developed as it should have been by now and that's a shame but the UK does seem to be slow to adopt new technology compared to a lot of other countries.

There's also the problem of installing/upgrading to second or third generation tech after the original has been around for so long in the UK's relatively fully developed infrastructure whereas for third world countries they can jump straight into the current generation tech while their country's infrastructure is still developing.

It's a real shame we're in this problem in the UK but the situation isn't quite as simple as we might think.

Sarick3220d ago

The most I can get is 3k and the provider was dishing out 1k cap when I first had dsl installed.

I'm fin as long as I can watch movies like Netflix over the net without interruption. I've never played an online game that really had a problem with download speeds it was always the low upload speeds. Since ADSL isn't the same both directions 2 users playing a p2p network game are mostly limited by the upload speed.

In my case if I play online my upload speed caps at about 0.3k so if the other person is also on the same type of connection both directions end up being limited to 300k connection.

Since both sides can't upload at 7k both of the download paths never reach maximum bandwidth.

In the UK I hear a lot of the broadband companies give bandwidth limits. Even if the end user manages 10K at the start of the month if they utilize that bandwidth over their limits they get throttled back. This way they can keep the outdated infrastructure a few more years.

1233603221d ago

well i,m lucky with the 50mb package of virgin,fibre optic is the best theres no doubt but its not nationwide,any think via bt,s line which applies to all service providers in the uk just drops by the meg at peak times,even with virgin,s 10mb,20mb conditions apply with a decrease for the top five percent of downloaders. 50mb only users guarantees no restrictions thats the best out there for the cost more but with this peer to peer sh*t you have on live and to a lesser extent the psn service{more dedicated server games) it stops a lot of droping out in matchs as you are nearly allways the host.

Raf1k13221d ago

I've been interesting in going with Virgin. What's you're experience with the service so far? Is there a download limit on the 50MB package?

1233603220d ago

no download limits in place what so ever,its the only part of virgin,s broadband without restriction 50mb like all services does drop but you can do an mp3 track in a second movies are minutes not hours its awesome in a games run so much better,my fps experience hasn,t improved but my k/d ratio as rocketed that can only be down to the connection not my skills for sure.playing mw2 with this connection against cod5 on my old connection which was 20mb virgin is awesome its like i,ve got a second on my opponents to do what i want.every one of my freinds who have tried it on line,most are good fps players was amazed at how quick everythink responded in game.most beat there best scores in mw2 with an hour of cost more and probaly wasted on me but if your good online this will help no end.

die_fiend3220d ago

I've only got 8 meg too and don't really see a problem. I absolutely own at Uncharted 2 online and it's very rare to get lag. Anyone want a spanking as proof then feel free PSN ID die_fiend

crillyconlig3220d ago

i can only get 500k where i live in the uk, BB quality here depends totlaly where you live

Jacobite3220d ago

God I feel your pain. Depends how far your away you are from a aging exchange , Line quality whether copper or aluminum wire, mile up the road has cable to ggggrrrrr so unfair lol.

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