OnLive demoed: lag, graphics are a problem

ARS: OnLive promises nothing less than the moon and the stars: the service wants to stream games to you via your laptop or lower-end computer on their own proprietary hardware. We've seen tech demos and speeches at shows, but how does it work in practice? Ryan Shrout, from the website PC Perspective, had the fine luck to have access to the beta, and he has shared his thoughts with the world. No surprise: lag is an issue, as are graphics.

Running the games was just as easy on the system as promised. "You are seeing OnLive running Burnout: Paradise on my local system using just under 60MB of memory and anywhere from 4-7 percent of the CPU power," Shrout wrote. "My system is running on a Core i7-860 so that is a bit lower than the total system consumption you'll see on slower systems, but that is obviously much lower CPU horsepower than would be required to play these types of games locally." In terms of bandwidth, the system was using around 1Mb/s.

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Mr_Bun3224d ago

I think everyone expected this

Guido3224d ago

I think many of were hoping. If they could make this work it would be great but until the lag is a non-issue, it will fail.

JsonHenry3224d ago

I figured this as well as everyone else would be a problem mostly for FPS games.

RPGs, Strategy/RTS, and MMO games would not really notice the lag.

But if you want to play online FPS games then they are gonna have to do something about the lag. Maybe if the service takes off and they start including the Onlive in DVR/set top boxes the company you use your TV services/ISP will be able to have a better dedicated line to the Onlive network to help avoid those problems.

joydestroy3224d ago

yup, what i expected as well. it needs work but has potential. by the time they've fixed those issues, something better will be on the horizon.

Microsoft Xbox 3603224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

It doesn't lag in my area. I had a flawless experience with my time on the beta. I have a crappy 8mb connection too.

RealityCheck3224d ago

Maybe they could launch with a low cost unlimited subscription, build a small customer base and over time improve their service as the technology advances.

That way they would start out as a cheaper alternatives to consoles (but yes, with lower performance too). There could be a market for that.

tplarkin73224d ago

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are taking this technology very seriously. It is inevitable that bandwidth will only improve.

At the end of the article, it says the tester was not a part of the beta. He was far from the OnLive location.

f7897903224d ago

That's a pretty expensive connection is some parts of the US.

Microsoft Xbox 3603224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

"Of course, there is one large gotcha here: "I first have to admit that I don't actually have a beta account with the OnLive service; instead a friend of a friend of a friend passed to me their login information after I requested it in order to write a preview of the technology. Why is this a note-worthy point to make? There is a chance that OnLive is only selecting beta members that are on ISPs close to their current data centers and as I live outside that area that could affect my experiences with cloud-based gaming." So there is that aspect to the writeup."

Read this part before you people jump into conclusions. OnLive hand picks their beta applicants based on area for now. The only servers they have right now are in California. I was luckily selected because I reside in Las Vegas but from my experience with the Beta, it was amazing. The fact that this technology works with no lag astounds me.

EDIT @ f789790

Oh it's crappy if you're sharing with 4 other active computers not including the PS3's, phones, etc...

Nineball21123224d ago

I still have hopes for this tech.

I really believe this will be the future of gaming at some point... Now, whether that point is in the near future or 5 - 10 years off, I don't know.

SilentNegotiator3224d ago

I knew it would. Ugly compressed to heck video, input lag, probably not any AA......streaming will NEVER replace hardware.

LOL @ everyone who thought this was "the future of gaming"

DeadlyFire3224d ago

I knew it wouldn't work exactly as planned. It still has potential though. I think it was funny though they said they would only have 1 datacenter in North America or something like that at the start. Now they have 5 I believe in North America. Its funny how that changes. The Northwest section is left without one right now so its likely they will build another one for that section. At least according to that latest presentation in NY somewhere.

There is a server in VA for OnLive. I believe its not to far away or won't be from me to use OnLive. According to their map, but I don't really care for it though.

Perjoss3224d ago

i played quake2 for years with 300 ping and it never stopped me from having fun.

qface643224d ago

what are you going on about 8mb/s is not crappy whatsoever
i share with 5 active computers not including the wii/ps3/360

Microsoft Xbox 3603224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Seriously dude, we are talking about OnLive here so lets not go down that route. It really varies for everyone and what you define "active". One constantly active PC used to download stuff could outnumber the use of bandwidth of 5 casually active PC's. Who are you to say MY connection isn't crappy? It's my personal experience and opinion and it's what I say it is. The End.

The Happy Baby3224d ago

Its new. calm the f*ck down kiddos.

catguykyou3224d ago

Aw, a beta had issues and didn't work perfectly? What?

SonyWarrior3224d ago

not the future at all. and now all the cable internet providers are capping there speeds and bandwidth so theres another problem theyll have to face

Major_Tom3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Everyone except for a few people above me obviously did not care to read the whole article, classic N4G.

and look, most of them are sony fanboys lol.

SilentNegotiator3223d ago

It's not a matter of little issues that can be worked out. It's a matter of an insane amount of power streaming that can't be realistically handled.

These are issues with a small amount of selective people with the better of connections. Do you really think they will be able to handle 1,000's or 10,000's of people, even with large amounts of servers when they can't even get it to work ideally with a few 100 with a couple servers?

masterg3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Read the article guys.

He is using a borrowed account for a computer that is within the range of the server, yet he is out of range. This has been stated time and time again as a dealbreaker. All players must be within 1000 miles to play lag free. This guy could be 5 times out of range.

This article is pure fail. Badmouthing a service when he is using it wrong. My god.

MNicholas3223d ago

that this was how it was going to turn out.

I said it before and got a lot of disagrees from idiots but the reality is that the infrastructure is simply not there for something like this to function properly.

Bobby Kotex3223d ago

If I remember correctly, there were many skeptics on this board who were getting negative votes in the previous months. It's funny how now everyone knew it wouldn't work. Anyway, if you have the internet connection to make this work, it's likely you can afford a real console.

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Redempteur3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

What good is this service if he can't become mainstream ?

Imagine the numbers of servers you have to install to cover a enough people properly ..( no lag meaning close to you somewhat) and that's considering that many people won't come to onlive because ..well because they prefer to have property over their games ..
the investment needed is just ridiculous and they areno sony , apple or microsoft to suffer loses during the years before it might become profitable

I'm pretty sure tetris with onlive , or frogger might not be an issue .but games like burnout (racing games) where timing is the key ..or fighting games ( even more important ) this is impossible PERIOD.
I'm not even talking about fps ,or tps where most people don't even have enough to play perfectly ...

The project was dead for me the moment i knew the specs ..
they didn't even dare to present their product over internet when they annonced it ( as opposed to others projects ) .

EDIT : true for tetris ..i play on master mode ( fastest speedwith all rules enabled ) and that would be too much for onlive LOL

PirateThom3224d ago

Hell, on the higher levels, Tetris would kill you with the lag.

OnLive is useless.

Baka-akaB3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

For starters i have to ponder about such service doing test on games as "old" as ut3 and burnout .

It tells me that they knew and were afraid it couldnt run properly recent games and of course a juggernaut like Crysis .

Besides i'd always requite upfront a trial on sf4 pc . If it could handle a fighting game online then i could probably handle everything . So far it doesnt even handle ut .

Also notice how they refuse to let people ping and give actual stats .

I say expect a far better cloud service from Microsoft , Sony , Nintendo and maybe , i said maybe Gakai .

The Lazy One3223d ago

The tech behind this shouldn't matter what game it's running.

The only things that really need to be tested are input and output lag. The only things being sent is the player input and the video/audio output.

The actual gameplay only depends on the host systems, which can have as much power as needed. If they can get it to work with UT3, they just need to beef up the host system and it will work with crysis.

AEtherbane3224d ago

We kinda of all knew this... but hey, it has potential! Lets just hope they can iron it through.

Double Toasted3224d ago

That first friend lives in Cali I'm guessing the writer lives in NY. GTFOH!!!

masterg3223d ago

Yup... It seems like 90% of the comments missed that important fact.