Halo: Reach: 5 Reasons Why It's Not The "Biggest Game Of The Year"

With Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360, Microsoft promises a gold rush, because the game "will be the biggest this year". Nope it will not, Videogameszone says, and published five not quite seriously intended reasons why Master Chief gets a miss from Kratos.

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Bungie3221d ago

i don't know if the game can sell more than 1 mill

but this article is soo funny

i needed a good laugh

green3221d ago

I love God of War, it was one of the best new IP's released last gen and God of War 3 will be going home with me the very day i purchase my PS3 in easter. But seriously, people need to stop hyping that game up as a sales monster because no God of War game has sold up to 4 million copies.

In fact, GOW2 sold less than GOW, so what makes anyone so sure that GOW3 will sell up to 5 million copies and then keep selling sooo much that it will completely overshadow the launch of a game that will be released 6 months after it.

Chris3993221d ago

As far as the GOW thing, that's just ridiculous. GOW and Reach will both be games that appeal to their respective audiences. That said, the audience for Halo is exponentially larger.

And MS is gonna brand the game on everything from fast-food cups to sport's bras.

I'm not even going to go into the mine-field of which is better, that's irrelevant and comes down to preference and taste in genre. Personally, I prefer GOW, but I acknowledge the success and appeal of Halo. Wish people could be more reasonable around here.

Saaking3220d ago

In sales, it'll have a tough time with GT5 coming out, but in overall quality and hype, it's definitely not the biggest game of the year. Personally, I more excited about a bunch of other games (GOWIII, Heavy Rain, Fable III just to name a few).

Bigpappy3220d ago

Are you serious about GOD of war being bigger than Halo:Reach?

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PtRoLLFacE3221d ago

ps3 fanboy is on that day of the month lol

Myst3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Are some of these self-proclaimed journalist even trying anymore? First of all I don't get the first reason that lists God of War as biggest title. If we were talking time frame wise then sure, but since they are so distinctly spread apart it obviously does not matter all to much. As some have stated in previous posts in various articles the name alone will probably draw people in obviously and with Halo's following it will do great.

Second the reasoning for it being doomed story wise is laughable. I personally do not like Halo all that much, but even I can see a bit of a spin on this. ""Reach is like Titanic - we know the end from the beginning. Reach is going to fall and 700 million people are going to perish as a result,” " Are the exact words, now he ( the speaker I have quoted ) is stating that it will be as sad like the Titanic with the lives lost - not the overall story itself failing as it falls through cracks. Though maybe it's just the translator messing up and giving something other than what the author of the article intended.

Third...You know what never mind I'm done, majority of people on N4G are probably not even going to read my long winded post anyway. Just really what is it with these type of articles coming up AND getting out especially on such a horrible variety reasoning.

I should write again to at least give some entertaining thoughts brought back to N4G ( Thankfully their are still some sites that do this ). Though alas I am to lazy to do so again.

Chris3993221d ago

And bubbles, not that you need them.

Nice list of games, btw. Eerily mirrors my own. (Though more trash JRPGs on mine, for sure :) )

And yeah, some actual "journalism" these days not stemming from opinionated bloggers would be lovely. One can hope. I don't care if things are partisan, as most things in life are - politics, news, religion, social liberties. But at least let's have something FACTUAL and SENSIBLE. That's all I'm saying.

Myst3221d ago

Lol thank you, let me send some your way :)

Due to the nature of this year that list is bound to change I'm sure, these are just the ones I'll be getting at the start not including some that are on the back of my mind. Still questioning those and waiting on an analysis of something before I make a leap.

Honestly, it used to be a bit better in the past. Not by a whole lot, but by at least some small degree as for now it just doesn't feel right to read some articles. For example this one it could have been entertaining if it took on more of a sarcastic approach with a disclaimer somewhere, yet it feels serious and the author truly feels the way that s/he writes.

Then again maybe all this place needs is a reliable site made by someone ( who won't be a fanboy, but can also make light banter of those who are and claim to be ) who will personally look after each article that will be posted on his or her site before it hits the show room floor ( N4G ). That way if it has a negative spin on something without it at least being humorous s/he can pull it. I still hope for the day and would gladly sign up for it :p.

LazyRobot3221d ago

With all the amazing games coming out in 2010 Halo: Reach is really going to have to be a step up from some of the previous Halo games to be GOTY.
I guess we will just have to wait for some gameplay videos of Halo: Reach to show us if it is GOTY material or not =P

Chubear3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

with developers that have worked on MGS4 & UC2 working on Halo Reach, it does have new & updated gameplay that the halo fan base are new to and it'll blow their minds.

So yeah, if Halo3 & ODST were nominated for GOTY on various outlets then it's a no brainer the best halo to date in Halo Reach will get nominated too this year.

Troll_Police3221d ago

The author has some good points.

niceguywii603220d ago

I agree with the title of your comment but this guy does not.

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