Playstation 2 Phantasy Star Universe Servers To Close

PushSquare: "If you're still playing Phantasy Star Universe on your Playstation 2, then well, we're afraid you're going to have to stop soon. The servers are being closed. As of next Friday, no new subscriptions for the game will be taken, ahead of the big server close on March 31st."

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UnwanteDreamz3220d ago

Someone somewhere in a cold basement is crying.

mrv3213220d ago

See EA this is an OLD game.... not one REALEASE in '09.

Crimsonite3220d ago

so true, the servers are probably close to empty at this point.

NexGen3220d ago

I play this on the 360 side and even we have seen a decrease of population over the past year. The ps2 side (which also includes the PC servers) typically have less than 200 people online at peak time.

Beyond the lack of updates, you can't actually get the game anywhere anymore, other than sparse used copies.

Honestly, its a great game...a mini MMO that I have logged over 3000 hours into. It is a shame that the pc/ps2 side is shutting down, but one plays it there, so what did they expect?

sega's official forums at (click on the forum link) has more info, as well as the future plans for the 360 servers.

Darth Gamer3220d ago

Nexgen, do you realize you have spent 125 full 24 hour days playing this game, or 250 12 hour days. This is mind boggling. I thought I put alot of hours into Oblivion at 120 hrs. Now that I think about it, lets put this in perspective. that is over 2 years of 4 hour days, On one game!! That game doesn't owe you a dime. :)

NexGen3220d ago

Lol, yeah it is a lot for a console game probably....but real MMOs like WoW and EQ, 3000 hours is nothing. I had easily over 10 times this amount on EverQuest

Handhelds_FTW3220d ago

That they have been up for as long as they have considering the player population.

Blasphemy3220d ago

Same here. I played this game when it first came out in 2005 and there were few people back then that played it.

Gambit073220d ago

This game is eternally associated with the Dreamcast.

Blasphemy3220d ago

Yeah, it's a shame though that none of the games prior to the first one could live up to it's name.

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