Aion: Plastic Surgery And Gender Change On The Way

Aion players rejoice - the long-awaited gender change and plastic surgery services should go live during February, according to NCsoft.

Both features will require players to purchase a ticket through account services and redeem it in-game to re-style nearly anything you could customize in the physical character creation screen.

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Maticus3225d ago

Finally... I hate my character's hair, she needs something a bit more bad-ass :P

Motion3225d ago

I hate your characters hair too. Seriously though, I think hair should be an in-game currency change. Facial reconstruction/body modifications, sure charge money for it. A haircut? They should have a barber that lets you do that for 10k Kinah.

Crimsonite3225d ago

Yeah I agree, if a game is a subscription based service there really shouldn't be any other charges involving real world currency.I hate being nickeled and dimed especially on a game I'm paying a monthly subscription on already.

Fyzzu3225d ago

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of on seeing this story was "That's a bit like the pervier side of Second Life, isn't it?"

Dorjan3225d ago

No surprise this is here

Malfurion3225d ago

As long as it doesn't cost more than a couple of quid, it's all good.

Chris3993225d ago

I stopped playing this about 2 months after release. Has it improved?

The bots, the economy, crafting?

Any info would be appreciated. Beautiful game, and fun on many levels, but just as broken.

Baka-akaB3225d ago

Well bots are heavily hunted but still there albeit in far less numbers .
They now mostly steal accounts via , phishing , website and keyloggers to bot .

I however still say , along with many others , that at some point Ncsoft's security was compromise , but they'd obviously deny it . Some people arent newbies and never went to any dubious aion sites , or used those fake mails , and stole got their account stolen . And right at the same time every ncsoft game was plagued with massive account theft and hacking for all of their games . Highly suspicious .

Anyway the game is still not really entirely balanced ... xp is better but still not perfect . The economy mm i'm not sure , with sold gold sellers around , the items are still too expensive for their actual worth , especially when compared to their pvp equivalent .
And for some odd reason they still allow quest item to be auctioned .

Motion3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Bots have gotten much better, though the economy has gotten worse. Direct effect of taking out gathering bots cheap mats, making everything more expensive. If you are big into crafting, I do hear people complain about the expense of fluxes recently. Its not terrible, but its not great. You just have to be patient and play the broker. Double xp weekends here and there now making leveling a bit easier, and they doubled the energy of repose (rested xp) to 40%. If you took a break cus the game wasn't doing it for you before, this might not necessarily be the best time to come back - I'd wait for a large content update- supposedly in the next few months, when they have the xp curve "fixed" and more quests. Not to say I don't love the game though :)

Arnon3224d ago

Agreed. When they added smileys, I logged in for 5 minutes, saw my entire chatlog destroyed by bot smileys, and was done.

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