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PSI writes:

"Bayonetta, a game by Platinum games and SEGA, is one of very few high profile titles published by the people that gave the world Sonic and the Dreamcast. The title is, at first glance, a game styled highly like the Devil May Cry series of games, a style which that series had made its own. This was no coincidence however as the game was headed by Hideki Kamiya, the man behind the DMC games. It therefore comes into question whether this game is an evolution on DMC or merely a rehash, calling Bayonetta and her gun-toting world in place of Dante and his."

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ProA0073221d ago

great game. great ass >_>

AridSpider3221d ago

lmao yeah bayonetta is like the hottest rage. google search and she's already got hentai and doujins...not that I look for that stuff >_>

DW3221d ago

... they have for that game (^_^ ;)

Maikrobi3221d ago

Bayonetta is a quite unique video game... you got collectables, hidden stuff like 16bit-Outrun sound ... It really is some sort of a god old classy made video game ... My game of the month ... oh yes, nice ass too