Dead or Alive Paradise: Hot Girls in Hot Bikinis - New Screenshots

New screenshots of Dead or Alive Paradise gives you a better look at the bikini girls in the upcoming game.

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Noctis Aftermath3220d ago

The only photos i've seen for this game have been stupid photos like this, where is the gameplay photos?

S M N3219d ago

this game don't need gameplay actually

watch how this one will reach 800 degree with less than 20 comment

Redempteur3219d ago

gameplay ?? but these are gameplay shoots

that's the irony !

joemayo763219d ago

totally agree

bring on some DOA5 not more of this pointless stuff

tplarkin73219d ago

But the new girl doesn't fit in too well. Her style is way off compared to the other girls. I wonder what Tomonobu thinks?

Ninji3219d ago

The new girl is Rio. I think she's from a previous game by Tecmo. It was a blackjack game or something.

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