Kombo: Who's Really Leading In Originality?

Kombo writes: "Every so often I hear people talk about how they miss the days when Japan ran the game industry. I don't think they so much miss the days when Japanese developers were on top of the world as much as they miss the days when Japanese developers/publishers actually worked in large to promote creativity rather than just follow trends. Those days have faded. While many great games still come out of Japan, thanks mostly to their always shrinking console market and a lack of knowledge on how to revive it, Japanese publishers are now more determined to cater to American gaming stereotypes. Just take a look at the trailer for Quantum Theory, from Tecmo."

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pippoppow3223d ago

While there are a few Devs (Quantum/ThatGameCompany/Team ICO etc)pushing creative and original games, many are just making HD versions of games released last gen.

All this West leading the way talk is only because the West is the biggest gaming market which is why good to great games catering to that market sell amazing. Sales doesn't equal quality argument but this time it's region vs region.