Bayonetta 2 Could Be On It's Way, Might Be A Spin-Off

In an interview for the March edition of Game Informer, Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya made mention of a sequel to the well-received game.

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THE MAX SPEED 213225d ago

nice. The series will shape up to be very good.

GUNS N SWORDS3225d ago

the game is extremely fun. I'm happy that he's looking into following up on it. in spite of the game being good as it is, there's always room for more improvements.

movements3225d ago

I'd rather see a full sequel than a spin-off. The game has enough of a following for that.


look at that, in such a short amount of time we're already getting positive feedback from the developers. lots of companies have made good games that never made it to a sequel.....and this game just so happens to NOT be that game.

Platinum games i look forward to taking on an other sleeper hit masterpiece!!

DW3225d ago

bayonetta ... really? It's good, but hell if I call it a masterpiece (especially the ps3 version). If you beat the game, Kamiya's statement seems a little lackluster.

LtSkittles3225d ago

Are people who complained about B:AA going to complain about this? I mean they said that was way too early for a sequel, and this just came out.

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The story is too old to be commented.