The End Of Gaming As We Know It – The Changing Face Of Gaming


"It's a bold statement I must admit. I openly declare that we are witnessing the end of gaming as we know it, a statement that will become more apparent as 2010 marches on, and the following years unfold.

CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) has shown just how the major three 1st Party Publishing Houses (Microsoft-Sony Playstation-Nintendo) are now pushing strongly into the "Social Media Networks" and "Family Unit Entertainment" realms. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is all going.

In the very forseeable future, we will see some big changes happening to gaming."

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Godem3221d ago

I just don't want motion controls to become the norm.

qface643221d ago

they won't if you don't bend over and take it like ALLOT of people will

i personally don't mind motion controls at all really as long as i still have a control to hold
games with excessive and i mean excessive amounts of motion i don't really care for though

XboxOZ3603221d ago

While we may 'want' to have a controller for all our games, the way things are going, will mean that the controller will become an accessory for the hardcore gamer, more than the newer and average game.

BadCircuit3221d ago

I would like more games to have split-screen multiplayer and not just have online only games.

gaminoz3221d ago

I think this is partly why the Wii does so on 360 and PS3 have largely abandoned at-home multi.

asdr3wsfas3221d ago

Agreed, the wii is girlfriend tested and approved.

XboxOZ3603221d ago

While some gamers will moan and complain about such change, but as the whole environment changes, so 'must' we.

If we don';t, and pretend it isn't going or needs to change, then we'll be in for a BIG surprise. Follow the links before complaining and READ the article . . .

xXKingofStingXx3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

It doesn't have to be bad, Sony and Microsoft just need to show developers and gamers alike what their respective motion based controller is capable of. If they both take charge and show people that their hardware/software is not just a gimmick things will not be so bad...

However...if they follow on Nintendo's trail...i may have to find a new hobby...

XboxOZ3603221d ago

Judging from the developers take-up of the technology, and their enthusiasm, I'm certain it will be a great move for the industry, and most definitely unlike how Niffty have attempted to do it.

If you'll notice in the article, there's a link to how IGN Entertainment is now "re-thinking" their commitment to the Wii platform in regards to gaming per-see. Interesting read actually.

gaminoz3221d ago

I could see some interesting experiences like Flower or Iphone sort of stuff done a bit differently with the Natal or with motion control besides the mini-games of the Wii.

The thing is that they will make more $$ if they get all the demographics interested in all sorts of entertainment experiences, which means hardcore gamers and games will become a niche to some extent.

As long as publishers can make money with COD or Uncharted or MGS etc. they will still make those games though.

GrathiusXR3221d ago

Then I don't care. Let them bring out all the motion controllers and casual games. As long as they still cater to what I like then I'm perfectly fine to be honest

bacon133220d ago

great statement. I as well could care less about all the shovelware and soccer mom games. If devs keep giving me games like God of War, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, KZ2 and Gears of War, I'll keep playing until the day I die.

GrathiusXR3220d ago

And yeah that's exactly my mentality.. Let them bring out the casual games and motion controller games.. I'll definitely be trying them out and buying them to have something to do with brothers or family..

But as long as i am still catered for in terms of the genres that I like such as action, sports, fighting, driving, adventure, RPG and so forth then I don't mind about al this.

Only when they start making games in the genres that I like and just add a tacky gameplay element where you have to use the motion controller then I'll start to get a bit worried and voice myself.

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